Top 10 Delicious Durian Recipes

The Durian season has begun, bringing with it a wide variety of delectable delicacies that are infused with the distinctive durian aroma. These durian dessert recipes are excellent for introducing newcomers to the king of fruits as well as for using up any leftover flesh before it spoils.

Durian Recipes

Browse through our selection of durian recipes to try out something amazing. If exotic fruits from foreign countries aren’t your thing, you might be wondering what the “durian” in durian sweets actually is. A superfood fruit from Southeast Asia with a prickly, greenish-yellow outer peel and lumpy, brilliant yellow “meat” inside.

What is Durian?

The “king of fruits,” or durian, is a huge, spiky, greenish-brown fruit that is very popular in its Southeast Asian homeland. When fully grown, the fruit is prized for its powerful aroma, which differs depending on the durian species. Since many people find the scent of fresh fruit offensive, it has even been forbidden in some public places and on public transportation.

When durians are mature, they typically break open, making it quite simple to retrieve the delectable inside meat (while also distributing that famous aroma). The white, yellow, or red flesh may be cut with a large knife or cleaver and is commonly eaten raw or fried. It is adored for its unusual flavor and custard-like texture.

Here are Some Delicious Durian Recipes

Your cream should be chilled for the best results. Before pouring the completed cream into the ice cream maker, chill it in the refrigerator for 6 to 8 hours. I know it seems like a lot of time, but the ice cream will be creamier if the foundation is cooler. With these really simple and fast recipes, you can prepare the tastiest durian sweets right away!

1. Durian with Ice Cream

Durian flavor can divide people. For the most part, folks either like it or don’t. I believe it to be one of the best fruits, especially when incorporated into desserts! One of my all-time favorite durian ice cream recipes includes instructions for both the churn and no-churn ways, which is the greatest part! so that you can choose which one suits you the most independently.

2. The Durian Pudding

Making this 20-minute durian pudding is another quick and simple way to increase the number of durians in your diet. You’ll need the durian ice cream recipe to make the other ones, so I posted it first. You will be scraping the sides of your bowl to consume every last bit of the pudding due to its deliciously sweet flavor. It is cooling, creamy, and smooth.

3. Durian Cheesecake with Puree

Durian also referred to as the King of Fruits, is one of my favorite fruits and is available in most Asian supermarkets. This unusual fruit gives the cheesecake a great touch, although it is highly aromatic and calls for a trained palette. Durian was added to my basic cheesecake recipe, and the outcome was fantastic.  Another dish that durian is ideal for is cheesecake. Because the fruit already has a soft, creamy, cheesecake-like texture, it melds perfectly with your preferred traditional cheesecake recipe. The durian flavor also wonderfully counterbalances the sour, tangy flavor of the cheesecake.

4. Durian Chiffon Cake

A chiffon cake, if you’ve never had one, sits somewhere between a conventional cake and a sponge cake. It is soft and spongy, as well as wet and sensitive. The addition of cream cheese, durians, heavy whipping cream, and sugar filling makes this already fantastic cake even more delicious. Overall, it feels like biting into an exceptionally sweet cloud.

5. Lilian Durian (Popsicles with Durians)

A dish that just needs five ingredients, two steps, and 20 minutes to prepare is challenging to surpass. It is because these durian popsicles are so incredible. Simply mix the durian and water together, then add the mixed mixture, along with the coconut milk, mung bean flour, and sugar, to a pot that is already heated. Then, pour the mixture into freezer-safe containers (such as popsicle molds) and freeze them for an overnight period of time.

6. Durian Milk Candy

This durian milk sweet simply requires condensed milk, skim milk, durian fruit, and your favorite nuts. The end result is a delectable delicacy that resembles divinity but has more cream flavor and less sugar. Don’t worry; it’s still quite sweet.

7. Durian Swiss Roll Cake

You can use the durian whipped cream recipe to create this delicious durian Swiss roll cake once it has been made. The recipe calls for durian and whipped cream, but in my view, the filling tastes just as well created with the homemade durian whipped cream from the recipe above. While creating this one involves a little more time and effort.

8. King Durian Cake in Musang

This rich, delicious cake is sweet, has a lovely, fluffy interior, and a pleasantly crunchy outside. Its interior is golden-yellow in color. This wonderful cake uses both the flesh and chunks of the fruit from a Musang King durian, giving it a robust and vivid durian flavor. It has a buttery, silky texture that you’ll like almost as much as the flavor. However, given how sweet it is, you might want to serve it with coffee or black tea to help counteract the sweetness.

9. Chocolate Truffles with Durian

The flavor of these durian chocolate truffles is vivid and distinctive—difficult it’s to describe. They take a while to prepare, but only because they need two hours to chill. Only five ingredients, including dark chocolate, coconut milk, durian pulp, salt, and cocoa powder, are required to make them. But instead of milk chocolate or white chocolate, you should definitely use dark chocolate. The rich flavor of the durian pulp is countered with the mild bitterness of dark chocolate.

10. Whipped Durian Cream

The whipped cream made with durian is a little creamier and wetter than regular whipped cream. Additionally, it isn’t nearly as fluffy or light, but the flavor makes up for these shortcomings. The majority of the durian desserts on this list, including durian whipped cream, are all surprisingly easy to create and only need a few ingredients. Making it only takes a few minutes. You can eat it by itself or as a topping for any of your preferred desserts. It has a flavor that is sweet and dominated by durian, making it enjoyable to eat plain with a spoon.

What does Durian Taste Like?

Durian has been described by a number of journalists, travelers, and authors using seemingly at-odds terms. Despite being quite popular and well-known throughout Southeast Asia, the fruit has turned off many newcomers due to its strong smell. Durian has been compared to the scent of manure, rotten eggs, dirty gym socks, roadkill, and chopped onions.

The fruit’s flesh is said to taste similar by some, although devotees claim it has almond overtones and a custard-like texture. When fully ripe, the flesh is extraordinarily creamy and delicate. It is not very tart, sugary, or juicy. The durian’s flavor, color, and aroma can vary depending on the variety.

How to Store Durian?

Durians should only need a few days on the counter before they are edible, given how rapidly they ripen. To prevent it from ripening too quickly, the entire fruit can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two days while being wrapped in paper or plastic. However, beware: it will cause your refrigerator to smell awful (and everything in it). Cooked durian will stay in the refrigerator for a few days if it is sealed tightly. In a zip-top bag with the air removed, durian can also be frozen for up to three months.

Durians keep well in the refrigerator in an airtight jar for one or two days. Try to use a flat container and avoid piling the seeds on top of one another. They could also be kept in a container that is freezer-safe. In the freezer, they can last for up to two months. If you want to keep your durian for another day, you must keep it in the refrigerator. It should be kept in an airtight container so that neither moisture nor air may get to the durian.

Can Durian be Baked?

Fresh durians of a sweeter, golden hue perform better than bitter-sweet, pale durians because durian cakes tend to be sweet. You can choose between three different ways to bake your durian: traditionally without the shell, Pyongyang after being frozen, or charcoal, which is roasted for more than an hour.

The durian kinds that are used are Musang King, Black Gold, or Kings Durian; Double Durian also offers durians on its own. In contrast to the popular roasted young coconut that is sold nearby at Jalan Sepanggar, Menggatal, the roasted durian is a novel way to savor the king of fruits.

Is Durian Healthy?

It has a lot of vitamins, including healthy B-complex vitamins like folic acid, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin B6 as well as vitamin A, vitamin C, a natural antioxidant, and vitamin C. The durian fruit contains natural multivitamins and multimineral supplements. It also has a significant amount of healthy fat and fiber. Durian is a spicy fruit that could cause sore throat-like symptoms.

It also has a lot of glucose, which could cause you to become dehydrated, so make sure you drink a lot of water. If you add some salt, your electrolytes will be recharged. Increase your consumption of green, leafy vegetables after the durian feast. Acute renal injury brought on by dehydration and widespread durian fruit intake can combine to cause life-threatening hyperkalemia. Surprise! You can improve your quality of sleep by eating the king of fruits.

Where to Buy Durian?

Durian is sold in a lot of Asian markets in America. From June through August, when the fruit is in season, it is considerably more usually found in fresh form. Look for light-colored spikes without any dark brown patches or areas of white in between the spikes to tell if the fruit is overly ripe.

Shaking a durian that vibrates indicates that it has dried out and is no longer edible. Avoid fruit with dried-out, withered stalks. Durian freezes and cans well, and it can also be exported and marketed in this way. Durian is always available in cans and frozen form in Asian markets.


One of the most controversial foods in the world is durian. This tropical fruit, which some people adore and others detest, can be consumed both raw and cooked. The strange fruit is now offered in Asian markets in the United States after becoming more and more well-liked throughout Asia. Most of it is grown in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Tryptophan, an essential amino acid contained in durian, is converted into melatonin, a hormone that controls your sleep cycle. Your melatonin levels rise the easier it is for you to fall asleep.