Balut Nutrition Facts

If you want to know about balut, you will get all the crucial information about Balut Nutrition Facts in this article. The Filipinos are proud of their cuisine. Balut is a popular delicacy that is a part of the culture of the Philippines. It is an egg partially developed and fertilized by a chicken or duck. This egg is boiled or steamed and is consumed whole, including the yolk. The resulting egg is rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene. It is a staple food in some parts of the country, especially in the city.


Balut Nutrition Facts

here’s a table for Balut Nutrition Facts for a serving size of 1 egg (70 grams):

Nutrient Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Calories 188 9%
Total Fat 14 g 18%
Saturated Fat 4 g 20%
Cholesterol 530 mg 177%
Sodium 70 mg 3%
Total Carbohydrate 1 g 0%
Dietary Fiber 0 g 0%
Sugars 0 g
Protein 14 g 28%
Vitamin D 3 mcg 15%
Calcium 38 mg 3%
Iron 3 mg 17%
Potassium 139 mg 3%

Note: *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000-calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

What is Balut?

From Scotland’s haggis to a Texas State Fair’s deep-fried butter, every country has one of those weird, head-scratcher delicacies, but few are as off-putting as a balut egg. These fertilized duck eggs are a common street snack in the Philippines and other parts of Southeast Asia, but they’re rarely seen outside of Southeast Asia unless it’s a dare.

Balut eggs are matured duck eggs, which range in age from 12 to 20 days. If you’re courageous enough, you’ll be rewarded with a rich broth and a delicately flavored slice of unborn duck—they’re regarded as a delicacy for a reason. Said to have originated in China thousands of years ago, balut eggs weren’t seen outside of Southeast Asia until the early 1800s.

The duck fetus inside the egg is less developed the younger the egg is. Some Filipinos believe that the more developed a fetus you can eat, the more manly you must be. Therefore, balut eggs are considered an aphrodisiac. Many pregnant women believe eating balut eggs can help them have a good pregnancy.

How To Cook Balut Eggs?

Choose eggs that have only matured for 17 days or fewer because the duck fetus won’t have developed a beak, bones, or feathers. The freshest, mildest, and most delicate flavor comes from farm-grown balut eggs from ducks who consume a natural diet of snails.

Balut eggs are the finest eaten right after they’ve been cooked. Fill a deep saucepan halfway with water and place the balut eggs inside. Bring the water to a boil, then cover the saucepan, remove from the heat, and set aside for at least 30 minutes.

How Healthy Is Eating Balut?

Balut features

Balut has a lot of health benefits:

  • Packed with vitamin C and beta carotene, both potent antioxidants that help remove free radicals from your bloodstream and support your immune system, balut eggs are an inexpensive and easily available source of protein throughout Southeast Asia.
  • Niacin, riboflavin, and thiamine are all found in balut and help in energy metabolism.
  • Filipino parents consider Balut a superfood beneficial for the brain because of its nutritional characteristics.
  • Balut could be useful in the bedroom as well. Because of its high protein content and propensity to enhance energy and stir up desire, men in the Philippines use it as an aphrodisiac and consider it an “equivalent of Viagra” (via Insider).
  • Balut is worth trying, whether you want to experience a new delicacy or add something nutritious to your diet.

Does Balut Tastes Like Chicken?

The juice from the cracked egg seems to have a consistent flavor across several Reddit discussions. It’s described as a meaty soup by one member and a watery chicken broth by the other. It’s not unexpected that there are diverse flavors from beginning to a conclusion because of all the pieces of balut that appear once the shell is cracked.

There are mixed signals regarding the texture of the actual duck. Part one appears to be very straightforward. The egg yolk follows the liquid and is characterized as “fluffy and creamy… pudding-like.” Others have expressed similar sentiments, describing the flavor as “custard-like.” That section doesn’t appear too horrible, but what follows may make your skin crawl.

While some believe the meat is delicate and melts in your mouth as it is eaten, others disagree. Chef Kristine Subido recalls her aversion to balut as a child in the Philippines. “There’s a little bit of a crack and crunch. When you’re eating it,” she says, describing it as “a little bit of a crack and crunch when you’re eating it.” You can hear the bones, feet, and beaks crunching together.

Balut-Your Late-Night Snack

Balut is the equivalent of hot dogs in the Philippines. You know, the one where you stop at the corner cart after a late night out and order a hot dog with everything. As you take the first taste, your mouth waters. It may seem strange, but after the sun sets, balut carts appear along the busy streets, much like hot dog carts.

If you walk around the Philippines late at night, you’ll hear people shouting out the delicacy to passers-by. Balut is an inexpensive alternative to vitamins in the Philippines because it is high in protein and other necessary nutrients. It’s their saving grace after a long night out.

“It’s like a power bar,” explains balut distributor Butch Coyoca, “people would take one or two before going to bed believing that (balut) would compensate for any losses they incurred due to not sleeping enough.” How much do you think you’d have to drink before declaring that balut is the most effective treatment for insomnia? A hot dog sounds much more appealing.

Can Balut Be Over In One Bite?

The whole experience of trying balut is a bit of a journey for people who want to try it. Nicole Ponseca, the proprietor of Maharlika, a Filipino restaurant in Manhattan’s East Village, explains how to sample balut in great detail. Start the process by using the egg and spoon.

While holding the egg in one hand, strike the shell with the spoon’s bottom a few times until it splits open. The top of the body is removed after the egg has been broken, and the broth that fills the egg is sipped to reveal two different portions of the egg. The yolk is on one side, and the duck is on the other.

Ponseca reserves the duck for last, devouring the whipped yolk first and then the rest in one final bite. For someone who appears to have done this many times before. the entire process takes around a minute, but we’re willing to assume it takes a little longer for people attempting it for the first time.


Balut is an aphrodisiac that is popular in the Philippines. It is viewed like Viagra in the Philippines. Because of its high protein content, it boosts energy and stirs desire. In the Philippines, it is the most popular street food in the country. But it is not just delicious! It is also incredibly nutritious. It is an excellent source of protein and contains only 14g of fat per 100g.