Best Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

You all seem to enjoy cookies. You may have spent many years baking the best cookie recipes, from chocolate chip cookies to peanut butter cookies to fun and festive cut-out sugar cookies. Today, we’re sharing another one with you, the best oatmeal cookies ever. Because sometimes you need the comforting nostalgia of a chewy with a hint of cinnamon, soft, doughy yet fully baked oatmeal cookie! These are truly the best and will quickly become your favourite as well!

Crispy edges contrast with soft and chewy centres in these Oatmeal Cookies. They’re made with simple ingredients, don’t need to be chilled, and are delicious. You can even add your favourite mix-ins for a personal touch!

Here is the Best Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Making these oatmeal cookies is a breeze, and their crisp, crunchy, and chewy texture will astound you. These are the best oatmeal raisin cookies made with whole wheat flour we’ve ever had.

  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Cook Time: 25 mins
  • Total Time: 30 mins
  • Cuisine: American, World
  • Course: Desserts, Sweets
  • Diet: Vegetarian


  • ⅓ cup unrefined cane sugar or white sugar or 60 grams sugar
  • ½ cup whole wheat flour or 60 to 70 grams
  • ⅓ cup chilled unsalted butter or 50 grams
  • ½ cup rolled oats or quick-cooking oats or 60 grams
  • Two tablespoons of golden raisins
  • 2 to 4 tablespoons chilled milk or add as required
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon powder
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract or ⅛ teaspoon vanilla essence



  • Fill a grinder jar halfway with sugar.
  • Finely powder the ingredients. Set aside.
  • Set aside a pan or tray greased with butter. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius (356 degrees Fahrenheit) for 15 minutes.

How to Make Oatmeal Cookie Dough

  • In a mixing bowl, combine whole wheat flour and chilled unsalted butter.
  • Cut the butter into the flour with a knife to create a bread crumb texture. You can also use your fingertips to combine the cold butter and flour until the mixture resembles bread crumbs. We can also use a stand mixer instead. If the butter begins to melt, place the mixture in the refrigerator for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • After that, stir in the powdered sugar, cinnamon powder, and vanilla extract.
  • Then stir in 2 tablespoons golden raisins, and two tablespoons rolled oats or quick-cooking oats. Mix thoroughly once more.
  • Gradually add 2 to 4 tablespoons of chilled (cold) milk.
  • Mix and bring the mixture together until it forms a dough. Do not knead the dough.
  • Add enough milk in small amounts to thoroughly mix and bind the mixture. The cookie dough will be extremely sticky.
  • Now, using a tablespoon or any spoon, scoop out the dough.
  • Place the scooped dough on the greased baking sheet. Allow 1.5 to 2 inches of space between the cookies.
  • Make cookies with the entire cookie dough in this manner. Remember that the dough is sticky as you work on the cookies.
  • Gently press the top of each oatmeal cookie with a spatula to even it out and smooth it out.
  • Place the cookie tray in the centre rack of a preheated oven. Bake the cookies for 12 to 14 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius (356 degrees Fahrenheit) or until lightly golden.
  • The oatmeal cookies will become hard if you overbake or make them too golden. To test, press the top of the cookie with a spoon or fork, and it should leave no impression.
  • Allow the tray to sit outside for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Then, using oven mitts and a spatula, remove the cookie and set it on a wire rack to cool.
  • When the oatmeal cookies have cooled, store them in an airtight jar. With milk, tea, or coffee, serve these chewy oatmeal cookies.

Can I Substitute a Hand Mixer for a Stand Mixer?

We’ve also used a hand mixer to make these. It will work, but keep the following points in mind:

It is best to use softened or room temperature butter; it will be easier to mix this way.

Fold the oats, raisins, and nuts with a spatula or wooden spoon because the blender motor may overheat as the batter thickens.

We should chill the dough. Because you’ll be using softened butter, chill the dough for 30-60 minutes to allow the cookies to spread evenly.

What are the Best Baking Oats?

So, what kind of oats do you bake with? Occasionally, recipes call for instant oats, but the best for baking are rolled oats, quick oats, and oat flour. Steel-cut oats are used in hearty dishes such as baked oatmeal and pilaf.

Why did my Cookies Turn Out Cakey, Crumbly, and Flat?

It is critical to accurately measure the oats and flour using this method or a kitchen scale. Too much of either will dry out the cookies, making them crumbly rather than chewy. This is particularly true for oats! Oats absorb moisture in the cookie dough like little sponges.

What are Instant Oats?

Quick-cooking or one-minute oats are other names for instant oats. They come in large canisters, much like traditional rolled oats, and only have one ingredient: oats! They are smaller and thinner than traditional rolled oats and are NOT the ones found in the small flavoured oatmeal packets.

How Do I Make Gluten-Free Cookies?

Use gluten-free instant oats and a gluten-free flour blend to make a gluten-free version. We recommend the following combination: 12 cups millet flour (60g), two tablespoons tapioca flour (15g), two tablespoons brown rice flour (15g), and 12 teaspoons xanthan gum. Most store-bought gluten-free flour blends (like this!) will also work if measured correctly.

I’m Out of the Sweetener Called For in My Cookies Recipe. What can I Use Instead?

We can make these recipes with honey, pure maple syrup, or agave! Use the same quantity of each. 12 cup (96g) brown sugar + 14 cup (60mL) any milk -OR- 12 cup (96g) granulated sugar + 14 cup (60mL) any milk -OR- 12 cup (96g) coconut sugar + 14 cup (60mL) any milk -OR- 12 cup (96g) coconut sugar + 14 cup (60mL) any milk All of these options have the same chilling time, baking temperature, and baking time.

Can I Use Stevia Instead of Sugar?

Stevia, according to readers, will work! Use the Stevia equivalent of 12 cups sugar, followed by four tablespoons milk (any milk will do!) in the cookie dough. If the cookie dough appears too thick, add one tablespoon of milk at a time until it reaches the consistency shown in the videos below.

Why is it Necessary for the Egg to be at Room Temperature?

A cold egg rapidly chills melted coconut oil or melted butter, causing the fat source to solidify into tiny blobs. Microwave 1 cup of water for 20-25 seconds to quickly bring the egg to room temperature. While measuring and mixing the dry ingredients, place the egg in the warm water (about 5 minutes). It’ll be at room temperature and ready to use by then!

What can I Use in Place of an Egg to Make the Cookies Vegan?

Ener-G is the best egg substitute, and it’s a powder we can store for months. Allow 1 12 teaspoon Ener-G and two tablespoons of warm water to sit for 5 minutes. Replace the egg white with the mixture, and replace the egg yolk with 12 tablespoons of additional melted butter or coconut oil. We may also substitute three tablespoons of unsweetened applesauce or 14 cups of mashed banana; however, these substitutions will add a fruity flavour to the cookies, and your cookies will not spread much, if at all.

Why are my Oatmeal Cookies So Hard?

There are a few possible causes for your oatmeal cookies being too hard. Maybe you left them in the oven for a few minutes too long. Bake the next batch for less time to correct this. Another reason could be the dough’s density. As you finish stirring the dough, try not to pack it too tightly. Similarly, do not roll the dough into balls before placing it on the baking sheet. It’s best to use loose lumps.

Are Oatmeal Cookies Nutritious?

Oatmeal cookies are high in whole grains and make an excellent vehicle for healthy bits of dried fruit and nuts. They are also beneficial in another way. They bring joy and comfort, and the sugar may provide a brief burst of energy.

If you have special dietary needs, look for a healthy oatmeal cookie recipe that is low in sugar, gluten-free, or vegan.

The ingredients to make these oatmeal cookies are almost always in your kitchen. However, if you discover missing something, you can order it in seconds and deliver it to your door in minutes.

How to Freeze Oatmeal Cookie Dough?

You can also freeze the oatmeal cookie dough balls instead of baking them.

To put on ice:

  • Place the oatmeal cookie dough balls on a nonstick cookie sheet and freeze them for 1-2 hours, or until firm.
  • Place in an airtight, freezer-safe container (I recommend either a glass storage container or a freezer-friendly ziplock bag).
  • Keep frozen for up to a month.
  • Remove the dough from the freezer and allow it to come to room temperature before baking. Then bake according to the directions on the recipe.

Why are my Oatmeal Cookies so Stale?

If you follow this oatmeal cookie recipe, the result should be moist, and they should be perfect doughy and chewy oatmeal cookies. If they do dry out, the following are the most likely causes:

There is too much flour. Did you accidentally overfill the measuring cup with flour? If so, you most likely used too much flour. To get the perfect amount of flour, scoop and level it.

Over-mixing. The cookies will become tough if you over-mix the dough after adding the dry ingredients. Mix in the dry ingredients until just combined.

Over-baking. Please do not overbake these oatmeal cookies; a slightly undercooked cookie is a happy cookie. Remember that they continue to bake slightly after being removed from the oven as they cool on the baking sheet.

What Causes the Chewy Texture of Cookies?

A good combination of moisture (from the butter, brown sugar, and eggs in this recipe), rolled oats, and baking time/temperature will yield perfectly chewy oatmeal cookies.

Are Old-Fashioned & Quick Oats the Same Thing?

Nope! Old fashioned (or rolled) oats are flattened whole-grain oat kernels. Quick-cooking oats are also rolled, but the oat kernel is cut into smaller pieces to allow faster cooking.

How do you Tell if your Oatmeal Cookies are Done?

When the edges and top of these oatmeal cookies are barely set, they are done (about 8-10 minutes).

Note: Every oven bakes differently.

Make sure you understand your oven. Invest in a low-cost oven thermometer to check the temperature and ensure that the internal temperature matches the temperature set in the oven. The cookies will not turn out well if your oven is too hot or cold.


You’ll love all the textures in these oatmeal cookies and their rich buttery flavour. They’re just one of those classic cookies that everyone will enjoy and that you’ll want to make again and again.

The best way to enjoy these cookies is fresh from the oven with a tall glass of ice-cold, creamy whole milk. They’re soft and chewy, perfectly spiced, studded with juicy raisins and crunchy walnuts, and guaranteed to satisfy your cookie cravings.