The Best Recipes For Cooking Wild Turkey

The best recipes for cooking a wild turkey is not difficult to find. The meat of this delicious bird is primarily dark, so it’s easy to spot a good cut of meat. You can start by preparing the pan-roasted skinless thighs. These pieces of meat are the closest to store-bought varieties, so they make excellent sandwiches. Once you have prepared the skinless thighs, you’re ready to cook the turkey.

A wild turkey can be any small bird, but it works best with leaner heritage breeds. Using this recipe will keep the turkey from drying out as much, so look for a leaner bird with less fat. You can use aluminum foil to prevent it from over-browning while cooking. To get a great, easy-to-follow recipe, try the following: Brine the meat overnight, preheat the oven to 200deg F. Brush the skin with olive oil, then season with salt and pepper.

Turkey Nutrition Fact

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Some Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Recipe For Cooking Wild Turkey

1-The best recipe for cooking wild turkey can be used for any small bird. If you don’t have a lean heritage breed, choose the leanest one you can find. If you’re using larger birds, make sure to reduce the cooking time. You should cover the meat with aluminum foil during the final step to avoid over-browning. A wild turkey is best prepared in its prime when cooked through the body.

2-While a domestic barn-yard turkey has tender, moist flesh, the wild turkey is more challenging and drier. Compared to their domestic cousins, wild turkeys are lower in fat and leaner than their domestic counterparts. But this is not to say that you should never cook a wild turkey without bringing it. Here are eight of the best recipes for wild poultry. They’re easy to cook and can be made into various dishes.

3-Field-dressing is the most common way to cook a wild turkey. This method involves removing the head and feet of the bird and then separating the skin from the breast. The skin will be removed easily, but you need to ensure it’s completely removed before cooking. After that, use hot water to loosen the feathers and then pluck the meat, and it will cook quickly. If you’re cooking a large bird, you should allow the skin to cool completely.

4-If you’re looking for a simple recipe for wild turkey, there are many places to buy a book. You can find recipes for wild turkey on the Internet, and some are free, while others require you to purchase a premium copy of the book. An excellent wild game cookbook will give you a wide variety of recipes for cooking the bird. Consider purchasing a book if you want a more detailed wild turkey recipe.

5-A wild turkey can be any leaner bird, and heritage breeds are usually leaner. The best recipe for cooking a wild turkey includes frying it. Several recipes call for frying the bird, and some recipes are easy to make and involve a little twist on an old favorite. You can also explore new ideas when it comes to cooking wild turkey. If you have no experience in this area, consider getting a professional to help you prepare the dish.

Top 7 Best Recipes For Cooking Wild Turkey

Yes, the fried wild turkey is hard to top in terms of flavor and ease of preparation. There are, however, different ways to cook America’s most famous game bird. You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re seeking new ideas. Yes, several of the recipes here still call for frying wild turkey, but we promise they’re delicious variations on the classic.

Wild Turkey Cordon Bleu Roll

it is a famous dish in which breaded meat is wrapped around a cheese filling and fried or baked. This version utilized wild turkey breast and thinly sliced salt-cured country ham.

Wild Turkey and Barley Soup

this recipe is an excellent way to clean out the fridge for those upcoming cool spring or fall evenings: “Nothing goes to waste in our kitchen.” Make this soup if you have any leftover turkey.”

Fried Wild Turkey

The Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, was a popular hangout in the 1920s. For their legendary evening dances, nightly crowds of 1,000 or more people were not uncommon. The guests were hungry after fox trotting till the early hours of the morning.

Chef Fred Schmidt became weary of the same old bacon and egg orders and set out to create something a little more unique. Isn’t it his creation? The Hot Brown sandwich consisted of an open-faced turkey sandwich with crispy bacon slices, tomato, and a creamy Mornay sauce.

Wild Turkey Parmesan

“Crispy-fried wild turkey breast may be one of the greatest dishes on the planet,” says Pendley. “However, preparing anything the same way over and over can become tiresome, even if it’s wild turkey excellence.” Make this wild turkey parmesan and serve it over spaghetti noodles to change things up a little, and stretch one side of a turkey breast to feed a crowd.

Apricot and Cream Cheese-Stuffed Wild Turkey Poppers

Everyone loves a good grilled popper, says Realtree’s Timber2Table leading man, and he’s right. The Pendley family’s favorite dish is wild turkey breast packed with savory, herbed cream cheese and sweet, dried apricot.

Crispy Fried Wild Turkey

The mix of crunchy fried chicken, sweet bourbon sauce, and a rush of heat from chili flakes is just excellent eating.” He makes this meal at home with wild turkey breast, of course. To accomplish so, he uses a wok to stir-fry the corn-starch-coated turkey bites. He cooks outside on a camp stove to reduce smoke and achieve the high heat required for this dinner.

Cajun Turkey with Fried Biscuits and Chili Honey Drizzle

“This is an easy camp take on the hot chicken and waffles fad,” adds Pendley, who makes a variation with spicy fried turkey strips served over fresh waffles with honey or syrup sprinkled on top. “You can obtain the same flavor combination without the trouble of cooking handmade waffles at deer or turkey camp by utilizing deep-fried biscuit dough,” he explains. “You can use your favorite handmade biscuit recipe for this, but store-bought canned biscuits also work great.”

What’s The Best Way To Soak Wild Turkey?

Soak the turkey meat in lightly salted, cold water overnight– After the turkey has aged, pluck the feathers and prepare it as a complete roasted turkey or a breast. Place the whole turkey or the breast flesh in a bowl of cold water with a pinch of salt for 8 hours or overnight.

The wild turkey has a distinct flavor from domestic turkey. Long answer: Sort of.”Wild turkeys are smaller and have darker flesh, richer, more intense flavor, and harder texture than domestic turkey,” according to Exotic Meats USA. Because the breast is smaller, it cooks faster than the legs or thighs.

Is It Necessary To Soak Wild Turkey In Saltwater?

Brining your bird will help it stay moist no matter how you prepare it. That means soaking it in a saltwater solution. If you’re roasting a wild turkey, you’ll want to add fat because it’s much thinner than domestic turkey.

Breasts, thighs, wings, legs, and giblets you want to consume should be saved. In addition to saving space in your cooler or freezer, deboning a turkey saves you money. Brining your bird will help it stay moist no matter how you prepare it, which means soaking it in a saltwater solution.


Whether you’re preparing a fried or roasted wild turkey, you can’t go wrong with a frying recipe. A frying recipe will ensure that the bird is cooked thoroughly. Then, you can add other ingredients to the pan, such as vegetables and soup. Then, you’re ready to start cooking your wild turkey! There are so many options for preparing your wild turkey. Just make sure you have enough time and preparation!

When it comes to cooking wild turkey, there are a few things you need to know. First of all, you need to find a recipe that you’re comfortable with. The best recipes don’t require exotic ingredients or difficult-to-follow instructions, and they’ll make your wild turkey meal a memorable feast! It’s also essential to choose a proper preparation method. You can start by roasting the bird or using it for soup or dressing.