How to Cook Wild Turkey?

To get the most out of your wild turkey, you should find a suitable recipe for small birds. It’s best to go for a lean heritage breed than the average turkey, as these birds don’t have as much fat. Cooking a wild turkey in the oven requires you to pre-heat it to 200 degrees F, and you can brush the skin with olive oil before cooking it. When preparing your wild turkey meal, you need to remember that wild turkey thighs are often more challenging than breasts.

The Best Recipes For Cooking Wild Turkey

The best recipe for cooking a wild turkey is not difficult to find. The meat of this delicious bird is primarily dark, so it’s easy to spot a good cut of meat. You can start by preparing the pan-roasted skinless thighs. These pieces of meat are the closest to store-bought varieties, so they make excellent sandwiches. Once you have prepared the skinless thighs, you’re ready to cook the turkey.


A wild turkey can be any small bird, but it works best with leaner heritage breeds.