Best Red Wine For Cooking Beef Stew

The right red wine can make all the difference when cooking beef stew. Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir are the two best wines to use, and these two styles are fruity and can add a nice complexity to your dish. If you are going to add a lot of mushrooms to the stew, choose a sweeter red wine. Otherwise, a dry one will be fine. Here are some suggestions on which red wine is best for beef stew.

First, choose a dry red wine. Three main types of wines will go well with beef stew. You can choose one of them depending on the flavor profile you want. Some people prefer a tangy, fruity flavor in their beef stew, while others prefer the traditional meaty taste. Once you have decided which type of wine is right for your stew, you can begin cooking the stew. It will be ready in about 2 hours.

Beef Stew red wine

Next, prepare the stew—Brown the beef in an oven-safe pot. Don’t worry about making it perfect the first time. You can add vegetables such as carrots and onions after browned beef. After the meat is brown, you can add seasonings to bring out the herbaceous and earthy flavors of the stew. Spices and smoky elements will also enhance the savory flavor. Typically, stews use a tomato or curry/cream base. You can also add beef stock or broth to create a broth base for the stew. A dry red wine with a ripe flavor is ideal for this dish. The best red wine for cooking beef stew is Pinot noir.

This wine is acidic, with intense blackberry, chocolate, and cherry flavors. Its low tannin and moderate acidity make it an excellent choice for a beef stew. However, a sweeter red will have a more rustic flavor. If you’re unsure about which type of wine to use, try a Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Best Red Wine For Making Beef Stew

Most wine experts tend to agree that a dry red wine is ideal for beef stew.

There are three primary sorts of wine that will suit your needs. However, which one you choose is determined by the tastes you desire in your stew. Some individuals enjoy a fruity flavor to their beef stew, while others loathe it. Some individuals prefer a hint of sweetness in their meat, while others prefer meaty goodness throughout.

These wines will make your beef stew soft, flavorful, and rich.

Pinot noir

The most common wine for cooking beef stew is pinot noir, dry, acidic wine with a bold yet mellow taste. This variety has a smooth, silky texture and rich, deep cherries, plum, and chocolate flavors. It is an excellent value for a complex wine. If you’re looking for a sweeter red wine, try choosing a dessert wine.

Pinot noir is a red wine made from the grape pinot. If you want a fruitier flavor but still want to keep it light, pick up a bottle of this. This is most likely from Burgundy, France. It’s a dry red wine with moderate tannins and a medium-high acidity that contains flavor notes of cherry, raspberry, cloves, and hibiscus. That it’s fruity and slightly sweet, with a smidgeon of spiciness. If you like your stew this way, this one is best.

A dry red wine is best for beef stew. A Pinot Noir is a good choice for beef stew, but a Merlot is also a great choice. A dry red wine with a high tannin level is the preferred option for beef stew. The latter is the best choice for cooking beef stew, and the wine is usually served chilled. The best red wine for cooking beef stew is the one that pairs well with the flavor and texture of the dish.

Red Pinot Noir



This French grape (whose name loosely translates to small blackbird dawn) is quite dry, making it ideal for beef stew. It’s bolder than pinot noir, with medium tannins, moderate acidity, and flavors of cherry, plum, and chocolate, so it’ll give your stew a much more robust flavor. But there’s also a beautiful, creamy vanilla note that’ll make for a delicious stew.



Cabernet sauvignon

This rounds off our French trifecta; it’s the world’s most famous wine, and with good reason.

Cabernet Sauvignon is a dry wine with a robust flavor, medium tannins, and acidity. It tastes similar to merlot but is more powerful. This is yer boi if you’re looking for a truly meaty, nonsweet, or fruity flavor. It has undertones of black cherry, blackcurrant, and spices, giving it a rustic flavor.

cabernet sauvignon red wine


What To Look For While Making A Red Wine-Braised Beef Stew?

They cause a dry sensation in your mouth when you drink red wine; the higher the tannin level, the dryer the wine tastes. But how does this relate to beef stew Tannins, on the other hand, react with the fat in meat? They break it down, releasing the meat’s flavor and spreading it throughout your delectable stew.

Alternatives To Red Wine In Beef Stew That Aren’t Alcoholic

So you don’t care for red wine’s flavor or can’t drink it, but you still want that fuller flavor in your stews. It’s not an issue, and there’s no reason to settle for dull, subpar stews when you deserve more!

A few red wine substitutes will make your stew taste just as lovely as the original. Take a look at these valuable options.

Nonalcoholic red wine

Yes, it’s the obvious response, but nonalcoholic wine in a stew tastes almost identical to its alcoholic counterpart. However, some nonalcoholic wines contain a trace amount of alcohol, so read the label carefully if you can’t drink alcohol.


When you add red wine to a stew, you’re essentially adding acidity and sweetness to the dish. Tomatoes, on the other hand, do the same thing! It’ll work with a paste or even a carton of tomato juice.

Red grape juice

You don’t want to drink wine? Then use what red wine was before it matured. You’ll get a delicious, fruity flavor from red grape juice. If you don’t want your stew to be too sweet, use an unsweetened bottle of juice.


You can buy broth or prepare it yourself, and in either case, a meaty broth will enhance the stew’s flavor. For obvious reasons, beef broth is an excellent match.

Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice has a dry, tangy flavor. Adding cranberry juice to a beef stew has a flavor profile comparable to red wine. Make sure it’s unsweetened once again.

What Is The Best Red Wine To Serve With Beef Stew?

If you’re looking for a red wine to combine with beef stew, most people think that cabernet sauvignon is the way to go. If you have a robust stew full of meat and veggies, the dry taste from all those tannins, which bring out the flavor of the beef, won’t overwhelm it. However, if you want to try something different (or already have sauvignon in your stew), malbec is a good choice. With a dry taste with aromas of plum, blackberry, and cocoa, this Argentinian variety is very similar to its French relative. It’ll be perfect for that lavish meal you’ve already planned in your brain.


The best red wine for cooking beef stew will depend on the taste you’re going for. For instance, if you are trying to make a stew with a fruity flavor, you should choose a wine with a fruity flavor. If you want a meaty, earthy flavor, you should choose a pinot noir. This wine has high acidity and is perfect for beef stew. A dry red wine is the best choice for beef stew.

Three main types of red wines will work well with beef stew. The type you choose will depend on your taste and what flavor you seek. For example, some people like a fruity-flavored stew, while others would rather have a meaty-flavored stew. The most popular of these is pinot noir. Regardless of your personal preference, it’s easy to make a great beef stew using the right red wine for cooking.