Smoked Turkey Breast Recipes

If you’re aiming to make a sizeable smoked turkey dish, a smaller-sized one is a good choice. A smoked turkey breast can feed six to eight people and is a good choice for Thanksgiving dinner. Its white meat makes it easy to cook and only takes three to three and a half hours to smoke, and it also takes much less time to make than a full-sized turkey.


Smoked turkey is a popular alternative to a traditional Thanksgiving turkey. It’s a juicy, succulent cut of meat loaded with flavor. You can quickly cook it on a gas grill, charcoal grill, or even the Big Green Egg. When cooking a turkey, remember to soak it in water for at least 45 minutes and then remove it 45 minutes before cooking. To create the best-smoked chicken breast, you can use any of these methods.

Smoked turkey breasts can be made in two different ways. First, you can use a traditional smoker, a charcoal or gas grill, or a Big Green Egg for smoking. The turkey breast will cook slowly on the smoker, staying moist and flavorful using a smoker. You can serve it with traditional Thanksgiving side dishes or make it a meal and eat it for dinner.

What’s The Best Way To Smoke A Turkey While Keeping It Moist?

As a result, the chicken will be soggy. My method is to smoke the turkey directly on the grill grates, about 3-4 inches from the flesh, with a roasting pan filled with 1′′ water underneath the grates. This keeps the cooking environment wet while allowing the turkey to crisp uniformly on the outside.

Is It Possible To Smoke A Turkey Breast Without First Brining It?

You don’t have to brine the turkey with a smoked turkey, which is fantastic. That’s because the long, slow, and moderate heat of a smoked turkey prevents the bird from drying out too rapidly, and the low heat attracts moisture into the bird rather than evaporating it.

What Temperature Should A Turkey Breast Be Smoked At?

Smoke the turkey for 3 1/2 to 4 hours, or until a meat thermometer put into the thickest part reads 165°, keeping the temperature inside the smoker between 225° and 250°.

What Kind Of Wood Should I Use When It Comes To Smoking A Turkey Breast?

For various reasons, hickory is a popular hardwood for smoking turkey. It has a unique, powerful, and upfront flavor familiar to individuals who prefer smoky flavors. Maple wood produces a sweeter smoke and can give anything you smoke with it an excellent golden tint.

Take A Look At Top 5 Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

1. Crockpot Turkey Breast (Slow Cooker Turkey)

One of the simplest methods to prepare a Thanksgiving turkey is in a crockpot! This slow cooker turkey recipe ensures moist, delicious turkey every time while also freeing up oven space. You mustn’t skip the brining step in this recipe. The turkey tenderloin absorbs extra moisture while bringing juicy, delicious meat. It also aids in seasoning the turkey throughout, making it extremely tasty. This turkey’s taste comes from brine, broth, and vegetables. However, rosemary, dried sage, salt and pepper, and orange zest are my favorite flavors to add immediately to the slow cooker.

This is the ideal dish to serve as the centerpiece of any holiday gathering. It’s a great dish to make for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter!

2. Roast Turkey Breast Recipe – Roasted Garlic Butter Turkey

This garlic butter-basted oven-roasted turkey breast is bursting with flavor! This easy-to-prepare garlic turkey breast is a fantastic show-stopper. The flesh is delicious and savory, and the skin is delightfully crispy. When roasting, the technique is considerably more hands-off, with no need for basting or turning, allowing you to focus on those all-important side dishes.

3. Smoked Turkey Breast – How to Smoke Turkey Breast

This smoked turkey chicken breast recipe will be a hit with your family! It’s incredibly juicy and succulent, and it’s jam-packed with flavor. For a show-stopping Thanksgiving feast, smoke it on your gas or charcoal grill or your Big Green Egg. It would be best if you used a whole turkey breast that hasn’t been brined (not Butterball-style) (boneless or bone-in). When bringing the breast, make sure it is completely submerged. Before smoking the turkey breast, allow it to come to room temperature. Allow at least 20 minutes for the breast to rest before slicing and serving.

4. Bacon Wrapped Turkey Breast

This turkey breast is juicy, delicious, and tender because it is cooked to perfection and crisp bacon. It’s simple to prepare, and your guests will love it this year. This brined turkey breast is roasted for maximum juiciness. Aside from being delicious, the bacon coating also aids in keeping the turkey moist while cooking in the oven. It’s like an extra layer of defense for even more juiciness.

5. Instant Pot Turkey Breast Recipe

You can have this turkey cooked in an instant pot and ready for the holidays in about an hour! Cooking Turkey Breast in a pressure cooker relieves all of the stress associated with preparing a Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey, allowing you to relax and enjoy your holiday. Turkey Breast in the Pressure Cooker is quick, easy, and juicy. It’s all about the seasoning when it comes to cooking turkey breast. Thanksgiving Turkey is nothing without the tastes imparted by all herbs, no matter how wet it is cooked.


Smoked turkey recipes are based on regional cuisines. Different regions have different traditions and cooking methods, and the best-smoked turkey breast recipes will combine ingredients that make for a tasty, moist, and tender breast. Then, you’re ready to cook the meat! You’ll be proud to serve your guests the best-smoked turkey in the world! If you want to impress your friends and family, try making this tasty recipe, and be sure to leave a comment or five-star review!

Is It Necessary To Cook A Smoked Turkey Breast?

Meat may appear pinkish or reddish. That’s to be expected with a smoked turkey, which isn’t undercooked. Cover the turkey fully in aluminum foil and set it in a shallow roasting pan to prevent it from drying out in the oven. Remove the foil near the end of cooking for a crispier exterior.

The best-smoked turkey breast recipes involve bringing the meat. It would help if you prepared a mixture of kosher salt, apple cider, orange juice, bay leaves, garlic, salt, and pepper. Place the turkey breast in the smoker for at least eight hours. After brining, allow it to dry. When ready to cook, use a spice rub to enhance the flavor. Some smoked turkey breast recipes suggest a dry rub with barbecue flavors, while others suggest a mix of creole seasonings.


The best-smoked turkey breast recipes are easy to follow and quickly prepared. A turkey breast is often served as a whole bird, but a smoked turkey breast will make the dish look more appealing and an excellent option for those who dislike dark meat. You can also choose to serve the meat with a roasted bone-in turkey. You can easily prepare this dish for three to eight people.