CACTI Seltzer Nutrition Facts

CACTI is the latest hard seltzer to hit the market. It was produced in collaboration with Anheuser-Busch, the brand launched with three flavors and higher nutritional values than most competitors. Each 12-ounce can have only 150 calories, 2g of sugar, and 3g of carbohydrates. It also has a lower ABV than other spiked seltzers. The agave syrup provides a unique aftertaste, and it is gluten-free. To know CACTI seltzer nutrition facts, read further.

The first CACTI flavor came in lime and strawberry. These two flavors are the lightest, while the pineapple has the sweetest and most nuanced taste. However, all three flavours are bitter, resulting from the brewing process or higher alcohol content. This would help the upcoming product lineup to be less bitter. There are also other health-conscious drinkers, so the company plans to release an all-natural variety soon.

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The CACTI lineup has three flavours, including a tangy lemonade. The lime flavour is the lightest and sweetest, while strawberry is the most nuanced. Both have a slightly bitter finish, which could be attributed to the brewing process or higher-than-normal alcohol content. Regardless of the ingredients, the CACTI seltzer line will continue to grow in popularity.

The other flavours in the CACTI lineup include strawberry, lime, and cranberry. These flavours are pleasantly refreshing and are perfect for a refreshing summer sip. The only downside is that they are pretty sweet compared to the rest of the line. For this reason, the CACTI lineup is probably best enjoyed by those who prefer a lighter, non-acid beverage. If you’re considering purchasing a bottle, look for the nutrition facts and decide if it’s the drink for you.

Cacti Seltzer Nutrition Facts

What Exactly Is CACTI?

Meadow Creek Beverage Co. collaborated with Anheuser-Busch to create CACTI, a hard seltzer. This 7 per cent ABV cocktail comes in lime, strawberry, and pineapple flavours and is created with 100% Mexican quality blue agave. It’s available in nine-packs of 12-ounce cans or individually in 16 ounces and 25-ounce cans in lime or pineapple tastes.

What Is It About CACTI That Makes It So Popular?

Cactus, often seen as a taboo plant, is gaining appeal. Cacti satisfy the aesthetic requirements while also possessing an edge that distinguishes them as “not your grandmother’s succulents.” Succulent oddities also gain popularity, resulting in windowsill gardens with an otherworldly vibe. Cacti satisfy the aesthetic requirements while also possessing an edge that distinguishes them as “not your grandmother’s succulents.” Succulent oddities also gain popularity, resulting in windowsill gardens with an otherworldly vibe.

Review Of Cacti

One thing I noticed was that as CACTI chilled, it got better. After a day in the fridge, the lime drink tasted better than my initial test. Although the strawberry flavour was pleasant, I couldn’t help but think of the hard strawberry candies that grandmothers keep on hand.

A doorbell rang right in the middle of my Wednesday lunch break, and the package had arrived at my front door. Two nine-packs of CACTI, one of the most sought-after seltzers in the country, were now in my possession. The taste is pretty average once you remove the drink from its celebrity endorsement, and CACTI’s design and pineapple edition could provide its shelf life regardless of celebrity. Overall, CACTI is an excellent hard seltzer with a distinct flavour that could make it a “must-have” drink in summer.

My initial reaction was to express my admiration for the design. The CACTI logo reminded me of a famous extreme sports brand from the early 2000s. The pack was straightforward to carry with a handle grip at the top of the box. This would be ideal for taking to the beach with friends to drink. The lime was the first seltzer I opted to try. When I broke open a can, I could smell the alcohol right away, which was more substantial than other popular seltzers I’d tried. The ABV of 7% is slightly higher than the average of 5% for seltzer. Although there are some fascinating aspects to the CACTI experience, it does not distinguish it from other popular seltzers. It’s somewhere in the middle of average and good. This doesn’t make it a poor drink, but, like past Scott sponsorships, it may only be available for a limited time.

Here Are All Of The Cacti Agave Spiked Seltzer Flavors

1. Strawberry

This release’s vivid strawberry smells are apparent. However, they lean more toward strawberry cream sweets than freshly harvested strawberries. Other than that, there are some faint citrus notes, but the agave influence is noticeably absent. The taste is defined by candied strawberry, and each sip is rich but crushable. Compared to most hard seltzers, there’s hardly little agave flavour. However, there is a distinct sweetness. It was so distracting from enjoying the wine that I wondered if Scott was my grandmother. But the strawberry flavour, along with the seltzer and alcohol, is a little too sweet for my liking.

2. Lime

The smells begin with lime zest and lime oil, followed by a sweet undertone of vanilla and agave syrup. On the palate, the vibrant citrus flavour continues. The flavour isn’t nearly as fresh as the fragrance, but there’s a beautiful combination of sweet, sour, and tangy elements. A note of bitterness on the finish may make some people want to add a bit more agave syrup to this one.

3. Pineapple

This flavour stands out as the most exciting and complex of the three. The nose opens with intense pineapple aromas, a hint of pineapple husk, and some green, earthy agave notes. The pineapple aromas are piled on the palate, producing lively, refreshing sips. The finish is bitter once more, but it blends in better with the intense pineapple flavours.


Lime, strawberry, and pineapple. While the lime flavour is light and sweet, the pineapple flavour has a slightly bitter finish. Its higher alcohol content, however, may be responsible for this bitterness. Although CACTI seltzers contain a high alcohol content, they are not harmful to your body. There is no need to worry about its sugar content. It has many benefits for your health and is an excellent choice for hot summer days. And remember, you don’t have to drink the entire bottle to get the most out of it. CACTI seltzers use premium blue agave as a sweetener. This ingredient makes the drink a high-quality sugar substitute. An excellent way to avoid tequila is to drink CACTI instead of tequila. Then, you can drink it to cool off or keep you cool. Besides being a good choice, it is also good for your body.