Trolli Sour Gummy Worms Nutrition Facts

Trolli Sour Gummy Worms are multi-flavored gummies that are loved by children everywhere. These sugary treats have a perfect balance of sweet and sour in every bite. They come in several neon color combinations and are a healthy snack for children. Trolli sour gummy worms nutrition facts contains 100 calories, 15 mg of sodium, and 21 grams of sugar. They also have zero fat and no cholesterol.


Trolli Sour Gummy Worms Nutrition Facts

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What are Gummy Worms?


Gummy worms may be a childhood staple (does anyone else load up on them before going to the movies at the mall’s candy store?), but have you ever paused to consider what you’re eating?
Unlike Skittles or Starburst, which explicitly labels the flavors, it was never clear what flavors the various colors were supposed to represent. Unlike the gummy bears’ relatives, we never understood why we appreciated something shaped like a slimy mud dweller. Here are some facts about sour gummy worms:

  • A German candy manufacturer invented the gummy candy concept around 1922.
  • Trolli, the gummy candy celebrity, was the first to create the gummy worm in the early 1980s.
  • Trolli’s concept was based on typical American marketing principles: create something disgusting enough to frighten parents while attracting children.
  • Most gummy worms come in various flavors, each with its color. Red/orange, red/white, and green/yellow are the most popular color combinations.
  • The chewiness of gummy worms is due to gelatin, a fan-favorite (kidding) component. Gelatin is derived from animal by-products (typically bones), which makes gummy worms non-vegan and disgusting to eat.
  • Corn syrup, the king of processed foods, sugar (21g per serving, whoa), citric acid, and lactic acid are other key ingredients.

Healthy Alternatives to Gummy Candy

Here are some healthy alternatives to gummy candy:

  • You can’t go wrong with dark chocolate if you’re one of those folks who require candy (or wants it badly).
  • One of the best candies for your teeth is this one. Dark chocolate is more effective than fluoride in several trials in preventing tooth decay. Dark chocolate also has an antimicrobial effect, which helps to prevent plaque formation.
  • Xylitol is a sugar substitute that is better for your teeth than sugar. This sugar replacement is used in the production of lollipops and other confectionery.
  • Because bacteria cannot identify xylitol, they do not attack it and convert it to acid, as they do with sugars.
  • Gummy candies, for example, are hazardous for your teeth because they are sticky. On the other hand, nuts in candy bars help break up the acids produced by the sugars, and they’re also high-protein food.

What Effects do Gummy Candies have on your Teeth?

When you eat gummy sweets, the bacteria in your mouth get to work right away. These bacteria initiate a chemical process that converts carbohydrates to an acidic state. The acid then eats away at your teeth’ enamel. Demineralization is the chemical process that occurs on your teeth. Gummy candies can eventually lead to cavities and a costly trip to the dentist.
These chewy sweets also stick to your teeth, leading to another issue: when anything sticks to your teeth, it stops saliva from reaching that area. Saliva helps to remineralize your teeth while also neutralizing acids produced by sweets. So, as you’re chewing on that gummy bear, keep in mind that it’s producing an acidic pocket between your teeth. The natural protections in your mouth against the acidic process are ineffective, hastening enamel erosion.

Additional Dental Problems From Gummy Candies

More than cavities are caused by wearing away the enamel on your teeth. It’s simpler to shatter or chip a tooth when it’s missing enamel. Enamel also acts as a barrier between your teeth and the environment. Too much enamel erosion might make your teeth very sensitive to hot and cold foods. Gummy candies are another item on the list of things to avoid if you have dental crowns. The candies may attach to the crown and pull it free, necessitating a second trip to the dentist.

Gummy Vitamins

It may appear healthier than gummy candy, but they share many of the same issues. Gummy vitamins have four to seven times the sugar content of a typical multivitamin.

The preceding advice does not imply that you must avoid gummy candy. If you approach them correctly, you can still appreciate them. Eat a handful of them as a snack, and then brush your teeth right away. Do not consume the entire bag in one sitting. Finally, don’t eat gummy candy all day because it keeps a steady flow of acid in your mouth, eroding your tooth enamel.

Are Trolli Gummy Worms Vegan?

  • Sweet, sour, chewy, and delicious are all words that come to mind while thinking of this dish. Most of us have beautiful recollections of the devouring package after packet of gummy sweets in our childhoods.
  • Many of us have fond memories of gummy candy getting caught in our teeth on Halloween. Many people have enjoyed the gelatin-like sweet and sour candy formed like colorful worm noodles.
  • However, accepting that most foods are not vegan-friendly is an essential component of the vegan lifestyle. While obvious items like meat and dairy are off the table right away, many snacks aren’t evident.

The response is a definite no. Gummy worms, without a doubt, are not vegan, and animal gelatin is used in gummy worms and other gummy candy. Breaking down animal tissue such as horns, bones, skins, and even fat produces animal gelatin.

Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers Gummy Worms

Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers Gummy Worms



  •  Trolli sour gummy worms in neon colors & sugar coating pack a punch of tangy sweetness in weirdly-awesome fruity flavor combinations like orange-lime, cherry-lemon, & strawberry-grape.
  • We think of Sour Brite Crawlers, our classic combo of sugary sweet & lip-smacking sour gummy worms in flavors for every taste, as glowing deities that wiggle their way into your snack habit.
  • I can’t get enough of the sweet & sour lip-smacking taste of Trolli candy. Be the hit of the party if you can bear to share, and close the bag up for next time when you’re done.
  • Are very berry gummies or a fruity tropical paradise more your style. How about our Slurpee gummy worms. We have fruit & fire crawlers for the bravest: Sweet, sour, & spicy hot.
  •  We invented the gummy worm in 1986 and have been making the most weirdly awesome gummies ever since; from gummi sloths to Sour Brite Octopus, our sour candy will wow your taste buds.
  • Cherry, lemon, strawberry, grape, orange, and lime


Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers are powdered with just the right amount of sour sugar and smothered in tangy, sweet delight. Trolli Candy has bizarrely fantastic flavors, weirdly extraordinary shapes, and weirdly awesome fun, and it’s the home of America’s Best Selling Gummy Worm. For teenagers, 100 percent of the strange is required daily. Sour and sweet, delectable and insane.