Chinese Cooking For Diamond Thieves

Chinese Cooking for Diamond Thieves is a funny and fast-paced novel about a white guy who learns how to cook authentic Chinese dishes. While navigating the midwestern underworld of criminals, Tucker must find his new love and protect it from a group of Hong Kong mobsters who want to steal the diamonds back. It is perfect for fans of cooking, bad jokes, and the culture of the Asian people.

The book is narrated by Tucker, a law wei from St. Louis, Missouri, trying to learn how to cook authentic Chinese cuisine. The writing style is informal, and Tucker is unreliable when explaining the process. He begins the book by outlining the rules he must follow while learning to cook. The narrator starts the book with “keep it simple.” The book is an excellent guide to cooking authentic Chinese cuisine.

chinese cooking for diamond thieves

Chinese food is delicious and a great way to get in touch with the locals. The cuisine is often compared to that of Hong Kong. The ingredients in the cooking are simple to prepare, and the sauces are full of flavor and richness. A good dish will make you feel comfortable and satisfied in your new restaurant, and it will make you feel more connected to your new neighbors. Whether it is your first time trying a new dish or a regular meal, you’ll be able to impress your family and friends.

The best thing for someone interested in Chinese cuisine is to start eating it! It’s easy to understand and tastes excellent, and you’ll never regret trying it. There’s no better way to learn Mandarin than to eat it! You’ll never know how delicious it can be until you try it. You can also learn Mandarin. If you’re not comfortable with Chinese cuisine, it’s a great time to try it!

Chinese Cooking For Diamond Thieves

Tucker meets and picks up the enigmatic Corinne Chang at a rest break while driving home after being kicked out of college. He ends up with her in St. Louis, where he obtains a job as a cook at a Chinese restaurant, infatuated and with nothing better to do. His cooking skills excite the Chinese clientele of the restaurant, and his courting skills impress Corinne when she joins him as a waitress, even though he is a gwai lo—a foreign devil.

When Chinese criminals walk up demanding jewels that they claim Tucker’s kind-of, sort-of, don’t-call-her-a-girlfriend stole, Tucker and his friends—who fortunately include several FBI agents—must figure out who is after Corinne and how to stop them. Tucker is a Mandarin-speaking martial arts instructor who isn’t hesitant to throw the first punch, which is fortunate.

This book is an excellent read for anyone looking to cook Chinese food. You can’t go wrong with a classic Chinese recipe. The book is an excellent introduction to the culture of Chinese cuisine. If you are a fan of good food, you’ll enjoy this novel! This mystery thriller has something for everyone, and a new audience will love it. If you’re looking for the best recipes for Chinese food, this is the book for you. You can’t go wrong with it.




Book Review (Chinese Cooking For Diamond Thieves)

Dave Lowry’s novel Chinese Cooking for Diamond Thieves is about a fish out of the water, but you never know who the fish is. Although Mr. Lowery has authored some novels, this is his first novel. Tucker dropped out of college and is returning to Missouri to pursue his ambition of working as a chef in a Chinese restaurant.

He encounters the enigmatic Corrine Chang along the way, who has no idea that this “white guy” can communicate in Mandarin. Tucker provides Corrine a ride but soon discovers that his suspicions are true, and Corrine is in danger. A Chinese gang believes Corrine stole jewels from them, and they are now after her, even though Corrine has no idea where the stones are. Chinese Cooking for Diamond Thieves is a fast-paced story that is smart and amusing.

Tucker, a White man who works as a Chinese chef and speaks Mandarin, is witty, sarcastic, and quick, with excellent comedic timing. I liked the characters in this book; they’re quirky, play well with one another, and are entertaining to read about. The adventure our heroes go on isn’t nasty, but when Tucker and his buddies are added to the mix, the plot becomes far more exciting than it would have been otherwise.

I was utterly enthralled by the protagonist’s martial art, a Chinese style known as xing-i. The action scenes were well-written, and the protagonist’s insights on combat were well-founded, reasoned, and engaging. This novel was a delightful summer read, quick, funny, and easy to ingest. The storytelling and dialog are sharp and funny, and the characters are engaging and natural.


Ultimately, the best Chinese cooking for diamond thieves is where everyone works together to save the day. Throughout the novel, Tucker learns the basics of Mandarin and Xing-I martial arts and eventually saves Corinne. Among these, he learns how to cook a Chinese menu. The “rules” are amusing. Keep your concentration on the big picture and don’t get distracted by tiny details – like graduating from college, and they help pace the book and explain the section’s plot.

While his aims may be noble, the truth is a little less than ideal. For example, he doesn’t know how to chop an onion, but he does know how to use a knife. This book is an entertaining read for readers who love Chinese food. It’s an excellent introduction to the world of Chinese cooking. Even if you’re not a real connoisseur of the cuisine, it’s an excellent way to learn the art. And if you’re a beginner in Chinese cooking, this book will be an invaluable tool. It’ll help you master the language and enjoy your food quickly.