Best Chinese Soup Recipes

Chinese Soup Recipes

You may prepare several Chinese soup recipes at home using the list below. If you’ve ever eaten at a Chinese buffet or restaurant, you have undoubtedly had a traditional Chinese soup like wonton soup or egg drop soup. There are plenty of other excellent Chinese soup options, though. Why not try it out? These soups … Read more

Best Soy Sauce For Chinese Cooking

soy sauce

The best Soy Sauce for Chinese cooking depends on what type of cooking you’re doing. Cantonese cooking calls for a lighter sauce, which is often made from a darker soy sauce that is thicker and has darker colors. Those accustomed to using light soy sauce for dipping or light meals should opt for touch. A lighter soy paste is used for stir-frying dishes and light meals.

Chinese soy sauce is available in two forms. The dark variety is milder, while the light version is used in South China.

What is The Best Oil for Chinese Cooking?


The best oil for Chinese cooking depends on your taste. You can use various oils and ensure that you choose an oil with a high smoke point. Canola and grapeseed oil are good choices because they are healthy and have high smoke points. Alternatively, you can use butter or flaxseed oil, and they have low smoke points and therefore are less suitable for stir-frying.

Other types of vegetable oil are also suitable for Chinese cooking.

Chinese Cooking For Diamond Thieves

Chinese Cooking for Diamond Thieves is a funny and fast-paced novel about a white guy who learns how to cook authentic Chinese dishes. While navigating the midwestern underworld of criminals, Tucker must find his new love and protect it from a group of Hong Kong mobsters who want to steal the diamonds back. It is perfect for fans of cooking, bad jokes, and the culture of the Asian people.

The book is narrated by Tucker, a law wei from St. Louis, Missouri, trying to learn how to cook authentic Chinese cuisine.