Goldfish Original Nutrition Facts

Typical red goldfish crackers contain a high amount of carbohydrates and protein. Compared to other types of snacks, they are a good choice for a quick snack. The nutritional information listed in these crackers is essential for your pet’s health. You should be aware of foods containing these ingredients, as they may cause allergic reactions. For example, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish are rich in chocolate, and this candy is high in sugar and contains trans fats.

Goldfish Cheddar Crackers

These Goldfish-shaped baked cheddar snack crackers have a unique, patented shape. Goldfish are the most popular cheese snack cracker in families with children because they are baked rather than fried. This item is ideal for vending machines, a la carte sales, and packaged lunches. Ready-to-serve, and there is no need to prepare anything.

Goldfish Original Nutrition Facts

Here’s a table summarizing the nutrition facts for Goldfish Original flavor crackers per 55 pieces (30g) serving:

Nutrition Facts Amount per serving
Calories 140 kcal
Total Fat 5 g
Saturated Fat 1 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 10 mg
Sodium 250 mg
Total Carbohydrates 20 g
Dietary Fiber <1 g
Total Sugars <1 g
Includes Added Sugars 0 g
Protein 3 g
Vitamin D 0 mcg
Calcium 20 mg
Iron 0.9 mg
Potassium 35 mg

Note that these values are for the original flavor of Goldfish crackers and may vary slightly depending on the specific variety or flavor.

Some Factor That Describes The Nutrition Fact Of Goldfish

One serving of cheesy tomato contains 140 calories. Five grams of fat are contained in each piece, with 0 grams of saturated fat. There are also no trans fats in this snack, and it also contains three grams of monounsaturated fat. The Goldfish’s original nutrition facts are based on an individual’s weight and age. These figures are not meant to replace the advice of a doctor. The nutritional label is for illustration purposes only. The food images are not to be used to identify the food.

Goldfish cracker dietary data vary by size. Serving sizes vary. 140 calories, five grams of fat, and 19 grams of carbs per serving. No protein or fiber. 51-flavor Goldfish is 37% fat, 58% carbs, and 9 grams of protein. Consult a dietitian before feeding your pet.

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers’ nutrition information is online. 55 original goldfish crackers have 150 calories, six grams of fat, 230 milligrams of salt, and four grams of protein. A single-flavor blasting goldfish cracker provides 140 calories, five grams of fat, and five grams of carbs. The 50% cheesy tomato is cholesterol-free and saturated fat-free.

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers

Goldfish’s original nutrition facts are ambiguous. You may be curious about goldfish cracker calories and sodium. Consider calories and cracker kind. The 50-piece cheddar variant is healthier. 60-calorie Cheddar Goldfish Crackers are more fun.

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Original Baked Snack Crackers offer 140 calories and low saturated and trans fat. The cracker has 230 mg of salt and 20 grams of carbs. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers are heavy in saturated fat and carbs. Fortunately, the pepperidge farm goldfish’s original nutrition data are easy to read, and it’s one of the few things people can digest.

Cheddar Calcium-rich goldfish crackers are portion-controlled. Hospitals, vending machines, and kids’ menus love 5-ounce pouches. Real cheese is used. Goldfish crackers are 60 calories and trans-fat-free. Vegetarians and vegans love this gluten-free snack. Goldfish crackers are healthy for pets and kids.

Goldfish love unique crackers. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers have 140 calories, 19 grams of net carbs, and no added sugars. 6 grams of fat, no sugar, no trans fat per serving. The pepperidge farm goldfish’s original nutrition facts show calories and nutrients per serving. Healthy goldfish snacking tips are here.

Goldfish Cheddar Crackers

The enticing little treat that never displeases! These chewy, crunchy Goldfish Cheddar snack crackers are baked every time. They also contain no artificial flavors or preservatives and are crafted with 100 percent authentic Cheddar cheese. What a delicious snack! They’re easy to store in the convenient 2-pack bulk cartons whenever a snack craving strikes! Snack crackers made with Goldfish Cheddar are ideal for lunch or snacks.

You can put them in soups, sprinkle them on salads, or have them as a side dish with your sandwich. That’s all it takes to have a delicious and enjoyable lunch! Make sure to crack open your Goldfish cracker carton when it’s time to do your homework. Remember, there are lots to share, so use Goldfish to make your time with family and friends even better. Don’t be surprised if all of those satisfied snackers return for more. Do you have a strong desire for anything delectable? Pursue the fistful!

Goldfish Cheddar Crackers



  • Goldfish Cheddar snack crackers are a crunchy, munchable snack-time favorite always baked with 100% real Cheddar cheese.
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives are ever used to make this delicious little snack.
    Goldfish crackers are a tasty, crunchable snack that can be enjoyed at any time.
  • Goldfish Cheddar crackers have an excellent flavor for hanging out with friends or taking a snack break whenever the mood strikes.
  • Serve Goldfish Cheddar crackers as a side to your lunchtime sandwich, toss them in soups, or sprinkle them on salads.
  • The 30-ounce bulk carton is excellent for munching over schoolwork or enjoying with the family anytime.

Is It Safe To Eat Original Goldfish?

Most of the time, Goldfish Crackers are better for you than other crackers, chips, and similar snacks. But they are still mostly empty calories that won’t make you feel full. Because they have a lot of salt, they may even make you feel hungrier.

Goldfish can be eaten, just like any other fish from fresh water. If you decide to eat it, here are some things to remember: Your fish has only been eating those awful flakes and pellets. If you pop one or two pellets, the fish will definitely taste like that.

Why Are Goldfish Harmful To Your Health?

The salt content of goldfish crackers is excessive. The Goldfish crackers have a high sodium content, at 250 mg per serving. High salt intake can have severe consequences in children and adults, including cognitive deterioration, renal damage, high blood pressure, and cardiac difficulties.

Goldfish, graham crackers, potato chips, and bagel chips are examples of crackers that stick to teeth. Carbohydrates in these foods are broken down into sugar, contributing to cavity formation.

Goldfish Cheddar Crackers (1)

What Flavor Does The Original Goldfish Come In?

Lightly Salted (Original), Cheese, Barbecue, Pizza, and Smoky were the first five Goldfish varieties offered. It wasn’t until 1966, four years after the crackers were initially presented that the Cheddar Cheese taste was created. Goldfish flavors as they were when they first came out. 4.)

The Taste Blasted cheddar and sour cream crackers include no artificial flavors or preservatives and are baked with real cheese. Beginning this month, the new snack taste will be available in grocery shops across the country for around $2.49 per bag.

Are Goldfish Vegan?

No, Goldfish are not vegan because Pepperidge Farm does not currently produce any 100 percent plant-based snack variations. At least one milk derivative can be found in each Taste.

Let’s face it; goldfish crackers are pretty comfortable and satisfying to eat. They’re salty, cheesy, crunchy, and adorable all simultaneously. They aren’t vegan, and they aren’t exceptionally nutritious.


Goldfish’s original nutrition facts for Goldfish can help you make the best nutritional choices for your pet. You can compare the nutritional information of a goldfish’s favorite treat with the cheesy tomato from Pepperidge Farm. The latter offers more fiber, while the former contains more sugar. However, both contain the same amount of carbohydrates. And the former is healthier for you than the latter. So, which one is better for your pet?