How to Air Fry Brats?

Air Fryer Brats can be one of the most wonderful foods you may try. You’ll become addicted to the ease of the procedure as well as how good brats cook in an air fryer after trying them for the first time.

The convenience of cooking brats inside rather than out in the frigid air next to the grill if you live in a colder region is a key selling factor. Inside and out, they come out of the air fryer wonderfully moist and tender, with a lovely golden brown color and a crisp bite to the exterior coating. The air fryer is amazingly effective at giving so many different foods the ideal texture.

Air Fry Brats

How to Air Fry Brats?

Air-fried brats are a quick and simple method to make a filling meal, whether you’re searching for a quick snack to sate your sweet taste or want to cook something great for your family. Additionally, these brats go great with your favorite side dishes. When a little mustard is added to the skillet, these brats become even more delectable.

You’ll need an air fryer and the following ingredients to air fried brats:


  • Preheat your air fryer to 390 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius).
  • Spray the bratwursts with cooking oil and place them in the air fryer basket.
  • If desired, season with salt and pepper.
  • Cook the bratwursts for 10 to 12 minutes, flipping halfway.
  • Check the sausages’ interior temperatures with a meat thermometer. At least 160°F (71°C) should be reached when cooking.
  • Remove the bratwursts from the oven and set aside for a few minutes before serving.

Serve with your preferred garnishes, such as sauerkraut, mustard, or caramelized onions. Enjoy!

How Long to Air Fry Brats?

The amount of time needed to cook air-fry brats varies depending on the kind of brats you use—anywhere between 12 and 15 minutes. Brats should be light brown in color and have an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit when thoroughly cooked. Make sure the meat is at a safe eating temperature by using a digital meat thermometer.

Put the brats in a single layer to ensure consistent cooking. To ensure even cooking, turn them halfway through. By doing this, the insides will be cooked completely. The brats should be heated thoroughly in the air fryer for an additional 5 minutes if necessary.

Brats should be covered with sauces and other ingredients after cooking. Ketchup, barbeque sauce, and even mustard are options. You may reheat leftover brats in the air fryer. They can also be kept for up to three days in an airtight container.

After your brats are done cooking, take them out of the basket and set them aside to cool. Make sure to wipe away any extra grease with a paper towel.

What are the Pro Tips for Perfectly Air Fried Brats?

Brats cooked in an air fryer are a fantastic way to have a quick, flavorful meal. When you’re busy and don’t have time to prepare a whole meal, these sausages are a terrific option. You can top them with your preferred garnishes. Try sauerkraut, fried peppers, and onions.

The proper temperature is crucial for air frying brats. Approximately 160 degrees Fahrenheit is the required temperature for these sausages. If you’re unsure, check the temperature with a candy thermometer. They are safe to eat after they reach this temperature.

You’ll need an air fryer machine with a frying basket when you’re ready to cook. Use parchment paper that is safe for air fryers to line the basket. This will aid in soaking up extra grease.

In order to verify the proper temperature, you’ll also need a meat thermometer. Flipping your brats midway through the cooking process is a smart technique to make sure they’re cooked thoroughly.

How to Keep Air Fried Brats Fresh?

Brats can be kept fresh and delicious for a few days by being stored in an airtight container, regardless of whether you have leftover air-fried brats or you simply want to prepare them on the weekend. This makes it simple to reheat them and use them again in other dishes. You can reheat brats in the microwave while maintaining their crispiness. Additionally, they can be frozen for up to two months.

Make sure your brats have cooled to room temperature before keeping them. You will need to thaw them first if they are frozen. To monitor their temperature, you can also use a meat thermometer. You will need to reheat them if they are not done to 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once your brats are prepared, you can freeze them by wrapping them in aluminum foil. To keep them fresh, you can also wrap them in plastic.

How to Garnish Air-Fried Brats in the Best Way?

Here are a few suggestions for garnishing air-fried brats:

  • Classic toppings for bratwurst include sauerkraut, mustard, and caramelized onions. Serve them separately or mix them into the bratwurst before serving.
  • Spicy toppings: Toppings such as diced jalapenos, sriracha, or hot mustard can add a spicy kick to your bratwurst.
  • Shredded cheddar, Swiss, or provolone cheese can be sprinkled on top of your bratwurst.
  • Herbs and spices: Use herbs like parsley, chives, or cilantro to bring freshness to your bratwurst or spices like paprika, cumin, or caraway to provide depth of flavor.
  • Relish: Serve your bratwurst with sweet and tangy relish, such as pickle relish, cranberry relish, or apple relish.
  • Serve with bread or rolls, butter, or mayonnaise.
  • Served with bacon or sautéed mushrooms.

You may also get creative and mix and match different toppings for a one-of-a-kind and tasty bratwurst experience.

How to Reheat Air Fried Brats?

Depending on the equipment you have, there are a few ways to reheat air-fried brats:

  • Microwave: Cover the bratwurst with a damp paper towel and place it on a microwave-safe platter. Reheat over medium heat for about 1-2 minutes or until well heated.
  • Turn the oven’s temperature up to 350 degrees (175 degrees Celsius). On a baking pan, place the bratwurst, and cook through for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Cook the bratwurst in a pan over medium heat for 5-7 minutes or until heated through, stirring periodically.
  • Preheat the air fryer to 375 degrees Fahrenheit (190 degrees Celsius). Reheat the bratwurst in the air fryer basket for 5-7 minutes or until heated through.

It’s critical not to overcook the brats since they’ll become dry. They should be cooked to a temperature of at least 160°F (71°C).

You can also enjoy them at room temperature because they are already cooked and only need to be heated to your taste.

What are the Nutritional Properties of Air-fried Brats?

The nutritional content of air-fried brats will vary depending on the brand and recipe utilized. However, bratwurst sausages are generally heavy in protein and fat and a good source of iron. The following are the estimated nutritional contents for 3.5 oz (100 g) of bratwurst sausage:

  • 270 calories
  • 17 g protein
  • Fat: 23 g
  • 8 g Saturated Fat
  • 70 mg cholesterol
  • 800 mg sodium
  • 2 g carbohydrate
  • 2 mg iron

It’s crucial to remember that these figures are estimates and may differ based on the brand and recipe of the bratwurst. If you add some toppings, the nutritional value will change.

Keep in mind that sausages are typically heavy in sodium and fat, so consume them in moderation. Additionally, air frying them rather than grilling or pan-frying them can help to lessen the quantity of fat in the final result.

What Makes Air-Fried Brats So Popular?

Air-fried brats have gained popularity for several reasons:

  1. Convenience: As air fryers become more widespread in home kitchens, they provide a quick and easy way to prepare bratwurst sausages. They may be cooked rapidly and with little oil, making them a healthier alternative to typical frying methods.
  2. Taste: Air frying bratwurst sausages can help to keep them juicy on the inside while providing a crispy exterior. This results in a tasty and pleasing texture that many people appreciate.
  3. Bratwurst sausages can be prepared with a range of spices and herbs and combined with a variety of toppings and sides. As a result, they are flexible dishes that may be eaten in a variety of ways.
  4. Brats are traditional and classic comfort food that most people appreciate; air frying them adds a new twist to enjoy them in a healthy way.
  5. Popularity: Bratwurst sausages are popular in many cultures around the world, and they are frequently linked with outdoor gatherings such as tailgating and grilling parties. With the rise in popularity of air fryers, it has been easier to prepare them at home.

Overall, air-frying bratwurst sausages are a quick, tasty, and varied method to enjoy traditional comfort food in a healthier way.


Air frying bratwurst sausages are a popular and easy way to enjoy traditional comfort food in a healthy way. Air frying bratwurst sausages can help preserve them juicy on the inside while generating a crispy outside. This results in a tasty and pleasing texture that many people appreciate. The procedure is simple and quick, requiring only an air fryer and a few ingredients. You may dress them up with various toppings and sides, making them a versatile cuisine that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

It’s crucial to remember that bratwurst sausages are often heavy in sodium and fat; therefore, eating them in moderation is advised. Additionally, air frying them rather than grilling or pan-frying them can help to lessen the quantity of fat in the final result. Reheating air-fried brats can also be done in a variety of ways; however, it is critical not to overheat them to avoid dryness.

Overall, air-frying bratwurst sausages are an excellent choice for a quick, tasty, and healthier supper.