How to Make Fried Pickles in Air Fryer?

Fried pickles can be found at culinary festivals and on the menus of independent and chain restaurants worldwide. They can be served as an appetizer or a side dish to other meals, and ranch dressing or another creamy sauce is frequently served with fried pickles for dipping. Preheat the air fryer to 360 degrees Fahrenheit. Arrange the products in the basket in a single layer. 2 serves (14 pieces) air fried for 6-7 minutes. Pickles should not be kept on the pantry shelf unless they are canned. Heat processing is the process of heating pickle jars to temperatures high enough to kill off spoilage bacteria.

How To Make fried pickles In Air Fryer

Each oil has a distinct smell and taste, so picking the right one is crucial. As a result, eating fried pickles is a thrill, and the dish’s ingredients add to its uniqueness and flavor. People in America and other countries enjoy these delights. Pickles offer certain health benefits, but they’re not something you should eat every day because they’re heavy in salt, and excess sodium can cause water retention.

Are Fried Pickles Good For You?

Despite their high sodium level, pickles are a low-calorie addition to your diet, but frying them raises their calorie and fat load dramatically. Knowing the nutritional value of a fried pickle may cause you to reconsider indulging in this snack. Despite their high sodium level, pickles are a low-calorie addition to your diet, but frying them raises their calorie and fat load dramatically. Knowing the nutritional value of a fried pickle may cause you to reconsider indulging in this snack.

Fried Pickles In The Air Fryer

This pickle lover’s dream comes true with this air fryer recipe. The flavorful seasoned breading pairs perfectly with the saline, zingy pickle. And air frying gives it a crispy crunch without all the fat that comes with cooking. It’s a guilt-free, super-easy, and fast method to whip up a delicious appetizer in no time. The air fryer works by circulating hot air to give the outside of the pickle a golden crisp while keeping the inside crunchy. It’ll be a hit with the whole family.

This air fryer version elevates my crispy fried pickle dish to new heights. The fact that the entire mess is contained in the air fryer is one of the most excellent aspects of this fried pickle dish, and I don’t have to mop up oil splatters from my fried pickles all over the kitchen. And it’s hands-free, which means I can focus on other things instead of babysitting the fryer. It’s the greatest of all worlds. It’s insanely tasty, straightforward, and far healthier than frying.

How To Make Fried Pickles In Air Fryer?

You can have air fryer fried pickles in no time if you follow the instructions carefully. You can make it when you need a quick appetizer or a tasty snack. Because you don’t have to use any additional oil, these are relatively healthy for you. A cup of pickles contains only 17 calories; however, it contains significant sodium. I say go ahead and eat.

How To Make fried pickles In Air Fryer

Dry the pickles by placing them on a paper towel and patting them dry.

Bowls: You’ll need three tiny bowls for this recipe. In the first small bowl, combine the flour and baking powder, and after that, mix in the egg and the water until well combined. Toss together the breadcrumbs, parmesan, and Italian seasoning in a third large mixing basin.

Time for dipping: dredge each pickle in the flour, then in the egg, and last in the bread crumb mixture until thoroughly coated.

Prepare the pickles by placing them in a single layer in the air fryer basket. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees for 8-10 minutes. With your favorite dipping sauce, you can complete the meal.

What To Serve With Fried Pickles?

Air fried pickles are delicious on their own, but now and then, you’re going to want to dunk them into something much more delicious than they already are. Here are a few suggestions.

Fry Sauce: This incredible sauce was initially created to be served with french fries, but it has swiftly gained popularity as a dipping sauce for various other foods. Serve with these air-fried pickles or on top of your favorite hamburgers for a tasty treat. It’s like a more sophisticated kind of ketchup, and it’s delicious.

Yum Yum Sauce: This famous sauce is light, sweet, and tangy, and it goes great with just about anything! This is a fantastic choice for anything fried!

Cheese Sauce: Crispy fried pickles are the perfect accompaniment to a creamy, cheesy sauce that will knock your socks off.

Sauce: This Air Fryer dish was explicitly created to be served with ranch dressing!
Make it spicy by combining mayonnaise and sriracha in a bowl and seasoning to taste. It’s very delicious.

Some Tips To Prepare Fried Pickles In The Air Fryers

Some suggestions and variations you can follow to make delicious fried pickles:

  • Remove them from the water and pat them dry You want your pickles to be as dry as possible, and this will help them maintain their crispy exteriors while allowing the excellent coating to adhere to them.
  • Learn Everything You Can About Your Air Fryer Every air fryer is slightly different, so it’s crucial to understand how yours works before you start cooking. If you’re still getting used to how your air fryer bakes, keep an eye on your pickles to make sure they don’t burn and see if you need to increase the cooking time.
  • Take care not to overcrowd your pickles: Make sure your pickles do not overlap. Then they’ll be soaked in those areas if they do it. You want the air to be able to circulate all around the air fryer pickles as they are being cooked. If necessary, cook them in batches to save time.
  • If you want to use dill pickle spears with this air fryer recipe, you can do so. You will only need to add a few additional minutes to the cooking time to make up for it.
  • Tongs: I prefer to use tongs to dip the pickles to keep my fingers clean while doing so.
  • The exact size: Whether you’re using dill pickle chips or spears, try to keep the sizes consistent throughout the basket. The fried pickles will be able to cook more uniformly due to this method.

How To Keep Air Fried Pickles In The Refrigerator?

Pickles fried in the air fryer are best consumed soon after being fried in the air fryer. When they are stored, they will become soggy. After all, is said and done, leftovers are always a welcome sight.

After making them, refrigerate air fryer pickles for up to 3 days in an airtight jar in the refrigerator.
Reheat: To ensure that your leftover air-fried pickles retain their crispiness, reheat them in the air fryer at 400 degrees for 2-3 minutes. Cooking them in the oven will take longer than reheating them in the microwave.

Is It Safe To Eat Pickles If You’re Trying To Lose Weight?

That’s right; you read that correctly. Pickles aren’t the healthiest food to eat while trying to lose weight, owing to their high oil and salt content. “One should avoid eating fried pickles because they are filled with oil and salt content. Because pickles are low in calories, including them in your diet as a nutritious snack will help you lose weight. A cup of regular or low sodium dill pickles provides only 17 calories. If you’re looking for a low-calorie snack, stick to unsweetened pickles.


People prefer sliced fried pickles because they are easy to consume. On the other hand, the folded-cut pickle adheres to the batter more firmly, making it a popular choice. Deep-fried pickles take longer to cook since frying until the crisp inner layer is crucial. In the fridge, fried pickles will last around 2-3 days. Attempting to freeze them is not advised. Fried pickles, sometimes known as frickles, are a popular snack item in the southern United States. They’re produced by deep-frying dill pickles that have been battered and sliced. In the early 1960s, fried pickles made their debut on the American culinary scene.