How to Tell if Brandy has Gone Bad?

In terms of food safety, brandy (burnt wine) does not expire. Brandy is manufactured from fermented fruit mash and then distilled into strong, concentrated alcohol before being bottled at a stunning 35 to 60 percent ABV, compared to 11.6 percent for wine. Because of the high alcohol level of the spirit, it can be preserved indefinitely without the risk of germs or other infections forming. It’ll also be perfectly safe to eat. To know how to tell if brandy has gone bad, read further.

How to Tell if Brandy Has Gone Bad

On the other hand, while brandy can be stored eternally without expiring, its flavor and quality will not be the same as when opened. To keep the brandy’s original flavor for as long as possible, store it in a firmly sealed container in a dark spot, just like whiskey. As a result, the quality of brandy deteriorates over time, mainly when the liquor container is left in adverse conditions.

How to Tell if Brandy has Gone Bad?

The most important thing to remember when determining whether or not the alcohol is safe to consume is to trust your instincts. Throw away any liquor with a foul odor, taste, or consistency.

Examine the contents of an opened bottle that has been stored for an extended period. Pour some into a glass, smell it, and taste it to ensure everything is in order. Feel free to consume it if everything appears to be in order.

Taste Is Flat

There’s no way to know how the brandy bottle will turn out. A “flat” taste is one of the most reliable indicators that brandy has gone wrong, and this is because the taste components in the spirit have mostly vanished.

Infusing an older brandy with herbs and spices is a simple approach to offset its “flat” taste. Due to their low moisture content, vanilla beans, cinnamon, dried apricots, and other dried fruit work excellently.
Fill a sealable jar halfway with brandy and flavorings, give it a good shake, and store it in a cool, dark place for a few weeks to a few months. You’ll be drinking dried fruit-infused brandy!

Foul Smell

If you notice an off-odor coming from the bottle, it’s another clue that it’s gone wrong. Pour some into a glass and take a whiff before taking a sip for quality assurance. If the brandy smells rancid or sour, it’s a good bet that the flavor will be just as sour, and it’s better to discard it.

Weakened Strength

Because of its high alcohol content, brandy will evaporate with time. Because much of the alcohol from the open bottle has already evaporated, the older the brandy is, the less strength and flavor there is when you drink it.

Liquid Appearance

Oxidation occurs when the chemicals in brandy are exposed to oxygen. This technique changes the color of the spirit and significantly impacts its quality.

How to Store Brandy and Avoid Spoilage?

Tips For Storing Brandy To Avoid Spoilage

One of the best methods to keep brandy fresh and extend its shelf life is to keep it in a cold, dry location, such as the basement or pantry. Please keep it away from heat to preserve the flavor and purity of the brandy. Because this location does not undergo frequent temperature variations, pantry brandy can be stored indefinitely if properly stored.

Transferring unfinished brandy into a firmly sealed bottle is also a good idea. Even better if you have a vacuum sealer for food preservation. It will seal the spirit in and create a vacuum around it. Although freezing brandy isn’t necessary (not everyone likes cold brandy), storing it in the refrigerator is a beautiful technique to reduce deterioration. Even colder temperatures can be tolerated by more robust brandy. If you plan to keep the bottle of brandy in the fridge, keep in mind that the temperature in this region changes. Brandy can also be stored in liquor cabinets, typically kept at a moderate temperature.

How Long does Brandy Last?

Opened Bottle

An unsealed brandy bottle’s flavor and quality will deteriorate with time. Older brandy will taste “flat” since many of its flavors will begin to fade as soon as it is opened, even if carefully maintained.

Industry experts recommend finishing an opened bottle of brandy within six to eight months of opening to get the most out of it.

Unopened Bottle

If left unopened, brandy, like other spirits, can last indefinitely. To preserve the bottle’s original quality, keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat. The worst culprits that can affect the quality of even unopened brandy are evaporation and oxidation caused by sunlight and high temperatures.

It’s also worth noting that bottled liquor doesn’t go wrong, and that means that the aging standards no longer apply and that the quality of the brandy bottle will not improve over time.

Is Brandy Good for you?

While brandy is a distilled alcoholic beverage derived from fermented fruit mash, did you know that consuming this distilled spirit can help you avoid illnesses? Polyphenolic chemicals found in brandy can help to decrease inflammation and neutralize free radicals in our bodies. While some people believe that consuming liquor like brandy is detrimental, it has long been used as a fever reliever and sedative medicine.

8 Health Benefits of Brandy

1. Acts as Antioxidant

Brandy contains antioxidants that can help you reduce inflammation, improve your immunity, and avoid blood clots. Brandy contains antioxidants that aid in eliminating free radicals, which can change into unhealthy cells in our bodies. The antioxidant will almost certainly aid in preventing cancer and heart disease.

2. Increases Good Cholesterol

If you have high cholesterol, brandy can help you improve your overall health by increasing good cholesterol. Because the alcohol is low in cholesterol, it is suitable for your heart and makes an excellent aperitif. It will also aid in the removal of bad cholesterol due to the antioxidant content.

3.  A Depressant

Brandy can slow down neuronal activity and brain functioning and is a depressant. Brandy causes chemical and neurological changes in the brain that can alter your mood and push you over the brink. However, as much as you may want to utilize it to reduce tension, excessive consumption of spirits like brandy can be harmful to your health.

4. Acts as a Sleeping Aid

Because of its taste, quality, and health benefits, brandy is a popular after-dinner drink. Brandy provides a calming and soothing effect that helps people sleep better.

If you have sleeping troubles, a shot or two of brandy will help you alleviate your symptoms and maintain excellent health. However, because the brandy may take a while to take effect, consume it many hours before bedtime to improve your sleep pattern.

5. Helps in Reducing Weight

Brandy is helpful for your health, and it is proven to help with weight loss because it contains no carbohydrates. Drinking a shot or two of brandy will help you regulate your weight by removing lousy cholesterol and stimulating your appetites over time. Furthermore, the alcohol content of brandy will aid digestion. As a result, it’s an excellent after-dinner drink.

6. Boosts Immune System

If you have the flu or a cold, a shot of brandy works wonders since it contains antibacterial properties that will help you get rid of your cough quickly. Brandy is naturally warming, and a shot will ease your throat while also boosting your immune system. It will also help you minimize fever and colds, as medicine has shown through time.

7. Has Anti-ageing Properties

Brandy will take care of your youthful and glowing skin without the need for pricey treatments. Brandy is an excellent source of anti-aging compounds that can help you avoid wrinkles and protect you from cognitive difficulties. Because it helps you mutate healthy cells in your body and eliminate bad ones, the antioxidant in brandy will also aid you with your vision. When you add brandy to your diet, your skin will glow, and you will seem younger.

8. Reduces Arteries Inflammation

The buildup of fat in our bodies generates an inflammatory response in our arteries, but brandy can help reduce and remove arterial inflammation in the best-case scenario. A drink of brandy can decrease blood pressure and prevent heart disease.

What are the Risks of Drinking too Much Brandy?

  • Dangerous changes in the central nervous system and mental confusion
  • The sudden or rapid drop of blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
  • Experience trouble in breathing, seizure, and vomiting
  • Slow heart rate and dulled response
  • Increase risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Extreme low blood pressure
  • Slowed motor response, impaired memory, and blurred vision
  • Alcohol overdose, brain damage, or death


Because brandy is made by distilling wine, it is stored similarly to other alcoholic beverages like whiskey or rum. It would be best to store it somewhere cool and dry, away from direct sunshine and heat sources. Although the pantry is ideal, a liquor cabinet in the living room can suffice. The storage regulations remain the same once the bottle is opened. That implies brandy does not need to be refrigerated once opened. Of course, you can keep it refrigerated in the refrigerator, but it’s not required. Drinking brandy every night is beneficial since it improves sleep patterns and alleviates sleeping issues. It can also help you with your respiratory problems and lessen the signs of aging. However, to avoid intoxication and subsequent problems, you should limit your alcohol use. Also,