How To Tell If Cooked Rice Is Bad?

When figuring out how to tell if cooked rice is terrible, you can take several steps to ensure it stays fresh. First, make sure that you store it properly. Keeping the temperature below zero degrees Fahrenheit will help prolong the rice’s shelf life. Once the rice is excellent, pack it in airtight containers. Refrigeration is the best way to preserve cooked grains, but they may be unhealthy if not refrigerated.

Refrigerating rice for a few days increases the risk of bacteria. Therefore, it is best to serve it immediately after cooking it. It is also a good idea to keep leftovers refrigerated for up to two days and never reheat them more than twice. One study found that consuming five-day-old rice is potentially dangerous, but this does not mean that eating it is harmful. However, it is essential to use caution when consuming rice. If you accidentally leave it out overnight, throw it out in the morning.

Some Signs That Indicate Your Cooked Rice Is Bad


Whether or not cooked rice is spoiled depends on how it was prepared. Stale rice smells like it’s been sitting on the counter for several days. Thick rice can be contaminated with harmful bacteria when the rice’s starch has not been adequately digested. If the rice is still fresh, you can refrigerate it.

Another way to tell if cooked rice is wrong is by the smell. Throw something away if you detect a musty smell. Throw it away if the stench is too overpowering or has a bad smell. If the rice smells like fish, you can discard it, and eating it cold the next day will not be suitable. It’s time to buy new cookable rice when it becomes sour.

The smell of cooked rice can also signify that it’s been sitting for too long. During the first few hours of reheating, you should be aware of the smell of spoiled rice and discard it. If it’s a strange smell, it’s a sign that bacteria may be present in the rice. Moreover, if the rice is tough or crumbly, it might be infected with toxins.


You should also consider the color. If the rice looks yellow, it’s past its sell-by date. It’s not good to leave rice out overnight. Yellowish or brownish color is a sign of stale rice, and it would help if you threw it out. If it’s too dark, it may have bacteria. When the rice is brown, the color changes. You can also notice a sour smell by checking the white parts of the rice.


The smell is an excellent indication of spoiled rice. If it is brown or green, it should be odorless. The texture of cooked rice should be firm and creamy. If the surface is soft or crumbly, it’s too old and may be contaminated with bacteria. Besides, it should be free of sour flavor. If it smells bad, it’s terrible.

It’s Super Hard And Dry

This is your visual cue that the cooked rice in your refrigerator is about to expire. The longer leftover rice remains in the fridge, the more it dries out.

However, if the grains have gotten extremely hard, dry, or even crunchy, it has most likely been in the fridge for several days.

Rice tastes best when consumed within a few days of cooking; if it’s more than that, it’s probably best to toss it. Cooked rice should be stored in an airtight container to extend its shelf life.

Tips For Storing The Cooked Rice

Allow your rice to cool completely before placing it in the refrigerator. When you put hot rice in the fridge, moisture can pool and gather, which fosters bacterial development and causes your rice to degrade faster.

Airtight containers should be used. Use resealable plastic bags or airtight containers to keep moisture from chilled rice. The fewer microorganisms you’ve been exposed to, the safer it will be to eat the next day.

Reheat only what you intend to consume. Reheating and cooling your rice often allows bacteria to thrive, so only heat the bit you’ll be eating. You can freeze leftover rice if you have too much.

How Long Can I Keep Cooked Rice In The Refrigerator?

The length of time cooked rice lasts varies, and it is mainly determined by how the rice is cooled and kept. However, after you’ve taken it for three to four days, it’s usually a good idea to stop.

Most foods have clear indicators when they’ve gone wrong, but rice isn’t always straightforward. Other (less evident) symptoms that your rice has gone wrong are also necessary.

Is It Possible To Freeze Cooked Rice?

Cooked rice can be frozen to ensure that any leftovers do not become rancid in your refrigerator, and you can defrost it whenever you want for your meals. However, because it has lost some moisture during the freezing process, you should add a little more moisture to your remaining rice – perhaps some olive oil or butter.

Cooked rice will stay in the fridge for less than a week, while frozen rice may stay from six to eight months in the freezer before becoming unfit to consume. Cooking rice in large batches, storing it in airtight containers, and freezing it reduce meal prep time and eliminate food waste.



Cooked rice should not be stored in the fridge for more than four or five days. If it’s too old, you should immediately refrigerate it, and it should be eaten within 2 hours after being frozen. During this time, it should also be thrown out and disposed of. If you can’t find your recipe for a new recipe, you can always use leftovers.

Remember that it’s essential to keep leftovers refrigerated or frozen. The longer the rice remains in the refrigerator, the less chance of bacteria growth. It’s better to avoid bits altogether. You can freeze them and reheat them when ready to eat them. If you find your pieces in the refrigerator, don’t forget to store them in the freezer. They’ll keep for about a year if you follow the above guidelines.