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How To Tell If Tofu Is Bad?

If you’re worried about eating spoiled tofu, don’t worry. Tofu looks and smells different when it’s spoiled. A sour odor is a sign that tofu is not fresh. It would help if you threw it out. You can even make a homemade tofu recipe with it. If you’re not sure, try a different brand.

To determine if tofu is terrible, look for a moldy appearance, an unusual color, or a discolored or bloated package. It should also smell fresh. If the tofu smells odd, throw it away. If the color changes to a darker color, it isn’t good. A sour, moldy, or crumbly tofu should be discarded.

Tofu Nutrition Fact

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Some Signs That Indicates Tofu Is Bad


  • Mold and discoloration on the surface are two of the most evident symptoms that any food, including tofu, has gone wrong.
  • Tofu is most likely spoiled if you notice a moldy appearance or a bloated package. The mold will have contaminated the tofu. A sour smell is another sign that tofu has gone wrong. It’s safe to use if the package still has a sell-by date. However, it is best to discard any spoiled tofu as it’s no longer edible.
  • When tofu has gone wrong, it usually turns a darker tan tint instead of its usual white color. Tofu that has gone bad or has soured changes color.
  • You can tell when tofu is terrible by its smell and color. This is a good sign that it has gone wrong. Tofu with a rancid smell and discolored, darker color is also a sign of spoiled tofu. It should be discarded immediately. It may not be able to stand the odor of a hot pot or the heat of a microwave.
  • Mold and color changes are signs that tofu is going bad. In addition to these physical signs, tofu with a musty smell will likely be unhealthy. To tell if tofu is sour, smell it, and it should be crumbly when picked up and odorless and colorless, and this should be obvious to anyone who eats tofu.
  • Your nose should be able to tell if tofu has gone wrong or not; bad tofu has a characteristic sour scent that is immediately detectable, whereas fresh tofu does not. Tofu that has gone bad is also stinky.
  • If the tofu smells of mold, it’s already spoiled, and it has a foul smell that will make you sick. If you think it smells like an unpleasant odor, tofu is already past its prime. If it’s crumbly, it’s time to throw it out. If it’s not crumbly, it’s spoiled, and it might also be moldy.
  • When tofu has gone rotten, the texture can also change.
  • Tofu typically has a smooth texture and surface, but if you notice a slime layer on top or surrounding the tofu or if it’s started to get a clotted appearance, it’s probably time to discard it.
  • If your tofu has been in the refrigerator for a long time, but you’re still unsure whether it’s safe to eat, then it’s probably safer to dispose of it instead of risking food poisoning by trying to eat it.

When It Comes To Tofu, How Long Does It Last?

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Unopened tofu is safe to eat for about 2-3 months from the manufacture date on the package; if you can’t locate the production date on the package, the best by or use by date is usually a decent estimate of how long the tofu is safe to eat for.

If you keep your unopened tofu in the refrigerator, you can extend its shelf life by up to a week beyond what is suggested; but, if you aren’t planning on using it soon, the best method to store it is in the freezer.

Unopened frozen tofu can last for months or even years in the freezer. However, the suggested maximum freezing duration for tofu is 3-4 months to avoid flavor loss as much as possible.

Tofu that has been opened, cooked, or leftover will only survive 3-5 days in the refrigerator, so unless you plan to eat it all at once, you should consider freezing the rest for later use. When preserving tofu for future cooking, make sure you store it properly.

How Do You Store Tofu?

The most excellent approach to extend the life of your tofu is to freeze it; however, you should exercise caution when doing so because you want to maintain as much flavor as possible.

Drain all of the water from your tofu before wrapping it in plastic and placing it in an airtight container or bag to freeze. Tofu can be frozen to extend its shelf life—store at room temperature at all times.

How long does it last in the fridge when it comes to tofu? When it’s time to utilize your frozen tofu in a recipe, defrost it overnight in the refrigerator and use it within five days.

It’s not a good idea to thaw your tofu out again. The shelf life of tofu is determined by how it is stored.

If you don’t use all of your tofu at once and want to preserve the rest in the fridge, place it in an airtight container with fresh water and change the water every day to keep the tofu fresh.

Can You Eat Tofu That Has Been Expired?

The sell-by date or manufacturing date should not be confused with the tofu’s expiry date printed on the package.

If your tofu has passed its expiration date or is showing indications of deterioration, you should not eat it.

If your tofu has been adequately maintained in the refrigerator or freezer and has passed its sell-by date, it should be OK to eat; however, double-check before using it in a recipe.


Tofu is not healthy food. If you don’t eat it on time, it will spoil. In addition to its taste, it will also have an unpleasant smell. It would help if you did not eat moldy tofu, and you should also avoid tofu that has gone bad. You can check the texture of the tofu by looking at the water stored in it if it is discolored, moldy, or curdled.

Sour tofu can have an unpleasant smell or an unusual color. It can also be moldy or crumbly. It may also smell bad and be brutal. Tofu should be consumed within a week of its opening. And it shouldn’t have any mold, water, or smell. When tofu is spoiled, it can develop an unpleasant odor or color. Using tofu within a week will ensure that it’s fresh.