Ken’s Greek Dressing Nutrition Facts

This blue cheese salad dressing is a perfect choice for those on a low-carb diet. The dressing contains just three grams of carbohydrates, so it’s a healthy choice for those on a diet. On the other hand, the Lite Caesar Salad & Marinade by Ken’s contains seven grams of fat and no protein. The Lite Caesar Salad aioli is high in sodium and has an average calorie count of sixty calories per tablespoon. To know about the Ken’s greek dressing nutrition facts read the following article.

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Ken’s Greek Dressing Nutrition Facts

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What are the Nutrition Facts of Ken’s Greek Dressing?

1-The nutritional information on Ken’s Greek salad dressing. Each serving of the dressing has about 100 calories, and it also contains Feta Cheese, Black Olives, and Imported Olive Oil. The food is based on a 155-pound person, which means your dietary needs vary. In addition, you should know that nutrient requirements vary by age, gender, level of physical activity, and other factors. Before changing your diet, consult a physician.

2-The food is low in sugar and sodium, and it is also high in fiber. The fat per serving is 14%, with only 3g of saturated fat. The amount of cholesterol in the dressing is 0, while the sodium content is 280mg. The amount of carbohydrates and protein in the dressing is 0%, and there is no fiber. While these aren’t the lowest on the market, the nutrition facts for this salad dressing are still good for you.

3-Among its many varieties, Ken’s Steak House and Greek Dressing contain low calories and fat. Each tablespoon has approximately 100 calories, and there is no sugar or carbohydrates in the dressing. However, it contains 2 grams of protein and a few grams of protein. The calorie content in these products is lower than its competitors. By Ken’s, a Lite Caesar Salad and Marinade serving contains only 70 calories and 3g of carbs. In addition to this, the Lite Caesar salad dressing, marinade, and ranch dressing are also low-carb.

4-The nutrition facts of Ken’s Ranch Dressing are also available. The product contains 43% total fat and 20% saturated fat and has no trans fat. The dressing is high in cholesterol and sodium and is low in fiber. But it contains only three grams of carbohydrates and no protein. If you want to enjoy this flavor, you can go for it! cunoaște Ken’s Greek Dressing Nutrients

5-The nutrition facts of Ken’s Steakhouse Italian Dressing are pretty impressive. The sauce contains 150 calories, one-third of which is saturated fat. It contains no carbohydrates and is low in sodium. Moreover, it is rich in Vitamin D, calcium, and iron, making it an excellent choice for those on a diet. The Lite Caesar Salad & Marinade has a high-calorie count but a low carbohydrate content.

6- In terms of calories, the Lite Italian Dressing is only forty-seven grams and has no protein and no cholesterol. The Lite Caesar Salad & Marinade contains only 17g of fat and no protein. Nonetheless, it has four grams of protein. The Lite Caesar Salad aioli is an excellent choice for a healthy diet, and it contains just a few calories per tablespoon.

Kens Steak House, Simply Vinaigrette Greek Salad Dressing

A unique combination of imported olive oil, cider, red wine vinegar, authentic feta, black olives, and Mediterranean-inspired spices provides an unusual and timeless flavor. Serve with any green salad or pasta salad. When drizzled over a crusty-roll deli sandwich, it’s delicious. Before grilling, marinate beef, chicken, or fish for that authentic Greek taverna flavor. Gluten-free. Before using, please give it a good shake and keep it refrigerated after opening.


Kens Steak House, Simply Vinaigrette Greek Salad Dressing



  • An authentic Mediterranean flavor is achieved using imported olive oil, red wine vinegar, feta, and black olives.
  • Salads with greens and pasta are delicious with this dressing.
  • A delicious and robust marinade for meats.
  • Ken’s is a family-owned business.
  • Gluten-Free

Is Greek Salad Dressing Healthy?

Yes! The base of Greek Salad Dressing is olive oil, which can be heart-healthy when taken in moderation. Unsaturated fat is the type of fat that can help decrease cholesterol.

In general, a vinaigrette like balsamic or oil and vinegar is the healthiest salad dressing, but Caesar, ranch, or anything containing the adjective “creamy” is the unhealthiest.

Is There a Lot of Sodium in Greek Salad Dressing?

Only two tablespoons contain between 280 and 360 mg of sodium! That’s considerably beyond my sodium limit for a complete meal, let alone for a healthy side salad dressing.

One cup of Greek Salad, which comprises roughly 400 mg of sodium, is the most popular choice for the term “Greek Salad.” The salt content of Greek Salad is presented below for a range of kinds and serving sizes.

Is it Possible to Eat Greek Olives on a Keto Diet?

Olives are Keto-Friendly, to be sure. They are a good fit for the Ketogenic diet because they’re low in carbs, high in fats, and packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Olives have a lot of fat but very little protein. Nonetheless, many keto diets find them to be an excellent snack option. On the other hand, Olives are high in salt, so those who need to reduce their sodium consumption should be cautious.

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Who Makes Ken’s Dressing?

Ken’s Foods, based in Marlborough, Massachusetts, is a privately held food production firm. Salad dressings, sauces, and marinades are Ken’s main offerings.

Friends of Ken’s, Frank and Louise Crowley, decided to convert his famous dressing into a company in 1958. Ken’s Foods was born in their kitchen, with the restaurant’s house dressing as the first product. We now make over 400 different dressings and sauces.


The Lite Olive Oil Vinaigrette is the most popular type of Ken’s Greek Salad Dressing. It contains canola oil and less than 2% of Parmesan cheese, and it also has natural flavors like garlic, chili, and basil. The Lite Caesar Dressing is the best choice when you want to add a little zing to your salad. These are low-carb options that are packed with flavor and nutrients.