Applebee’s Oriental Chicken Salad Nutrition Facts

The dressing for Applebee’s Oriental chicken salad is high in fat. This dressing contains 12 g of saturated fat per serving. The dressing contains a lot of fat and can contribute to weight gain. Because the Chinese version of Applebee’s is high in saturated fat, it is best to order a salad with as little fat as possible.

If you don’t like the dressing, you may easily skip it and use a different brand I devoured this salad for lunch and see it is an excellent option for light, relaxed meals all summer. I like it with chicken tenders on top, but you can substitute grilled chicken, Crock Pot Shredded Chicken, Baked Chicken Breast, or even fish or shrimp.

Applebee's Oriental Chicken Salad

A popular Chinese dish that can be exceptionally heavy in fat and calories is an Applebee’s oriental chicken salad with oriental grilled chicken. If you’re monitoring your weight, you can substitute grilled chicken for the fried chicken in an Applebee’s oriental grilled rotisserie chicken salad.

If you want to save money while still eating at your favorite restaurant, check out the nutritional information for Applebee’s oriental chicken salad, A healthy knockoff of Applebee’s Oriental Chicken Salad that tastes just as nice as the original but has a fraction of the calories.

Chicken Salad Nutrition Facts

Consider the calorie count while selecting a dish at Applebee’s. A typical adult requires approximately 1,80 calories per day. You may gain weight, acquire diabetes, or suffer from other chronic conditions if you consume too many calories. On the other hand, Applebee’s Oriental grilled chicken salad has fewer calories than the average Chinese-style restaurant.

orintel chiken salad

Salads are low in calories and, depending on the salad, provide a surprising amount of protein,” my favorite main course, though, is shrimp wonton stir fry. I also recommended that you try the cedar salmon with maple-mustard glaze. “Fish is a wonderful source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and calcium.

Applebee’s Oriental chicken salad

chicken salad is made with cooked chicken and is typically served cold. The danger of eating cold or hot chicken stems from its growth. If you wait to add the lettuce until immediately before serving, you may create this salad a day or two ahead of time. The salad will stay in the fridge for many days, but the lettuce will lose its crunch and become wilty, so leave the lettuce out if you intend to have leftovers.



Is It Better To Eat Chicken Salad Cold Or Hot?

It can also be eaten cold. I know it’s named Hot Chicken Salad, but you may refrigerate it and eat it right away if you like. I prefer it hot, but it’s also delicious cold. If you want to enjoy leftover chicken warm, reheat it only once in the microwave, a pan, or the oven after the original preparation. You must also ensure that it is hot—as in thoroughly heated through and through to the core of the piece of chicken—and that it is eaten immediately.

Is It Possible To Lose Weight By Eating A Chicken Salad?

Chicken Minced Salad is an excellent meal to include in your weight loss plan. Minced chicken is blended with nutrient-dense vegetables such as carrots, green onions, cabbage, and a variety of spices such as ginger and red pepper. Try this simple, protein-rich chicken recipe at home for healthy weight loss. Some people may benefit from chicken salad, while others may suffer as a result. The protein content in a chicken salad may help you feel fuller for longer.

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Is It Permissible To Eat Chicken Salad At Night?

It is not harmful to consume raw meals in the evening. If your digestive capacity is adequate, you can resume your regular eating habits. Because they are close to nature, raw foods are high in nutrients. Raw foods, however, are difficult to digest, according to Ayurveda. The digestive tract has a unique rhythm: digestion is significantly more active in the mornings and much slower in the evenings. It should be remembered that raw food is more challenging to process and requires more energy.

I substituted these Crispy Asian Chicken Tenders for the deep-fried chicken strips Applebee uses in their Oriental Chicken Salad. They have the same juicy-on-the-inside, crispy-on-the-outside experience of fried chicken but are baked rather than fried. I retained the chow mein noodles and toasted almonds (must have that crunch!) and added more fresh vegetables. Finally, I produced my homemade oriental dressing, which replaces the mayo in the Applebee’s version with Greek yogurt.

This salad is best eaten when prepared, but it can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. To prepare ahead of time. If you want to create this salad ahead of time for a party or quick lunches, prepare and store the ingredients separately. Except for the almonds and chow mein noodles, prepare the chicken tenders, dressing, and salad ingredients. Refrigerate the lettuce and dressing separately, and keep the nuts and chow mein noodles at room temperature. When ready to eat, combine and toss.


If you’ve never had Applebee’s Oriental Chicken Salad, you should. It’s amazing. I ordered it frequently throughout high school, and it’s still marked as a customer favorite on the Applebee’s menu years later. It has all of the elements that make a salad satisfying: crisp greens, hearty protein, crunchy nuts, and chow mein noodles, and a sweet, creamy dressing to tie it all together.

A regular serving of Applebee’s Oriental chicken salad has 1,240 calories, 12 g of saturated fat, and 2,000 mg of sodium. It also has 87 grams of carbs, 9 grams of fiber, and 53 grams of protein. The dressing is rather salty and can be easily overdone, but it is still an excellent choice for salad fans. The nutritional information for the oriental grilled chicken salad may be found on the restaurant’s website.