Leeann Chin Nutrition Facts

Leeann Chin is an Asian-style quick-service restaurant chain. The restaurant is based in Bloomington, Minnesota, and has over 50 locations throughout the Midwest, primarily in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area. The company was founded by Leeann Chin, a former model, and entrepreneur, with backing from actor Sean Connery and businessman Carl Pohlad. This article provides the nutrition facts for each dish at Leeann’s.

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While the menu at Leeann Chin restaurants contains a large selection of high-calorie entrees, it is essential to look at the nutritional information on the items available in their buffet. Several Leeann Chin entrees contain high-calorie or fat content, so you should keep these in mind before ordering. However, you can order a small portion of any entree without fear of gaining unwanted pounds.

Leeann Chin Nutrition Facts


Some Point That’s Describe The Nutrition Fact Of Leeann Chin

1-To find out more about the nutrition facts of Leeann Chin entrees, we recommend that you read the labels. Most of their entrees are loaded with fried meats and heavy sauces. The Peking Chicken dish contains 477 calories and ten grams of fat in a 6-ounce serving. The Beef and Broccoli bowl is 219 calories and contains 16 grams of fat. Similarly, the Asian Noodle entree has 192 calories and 22 grams of fat, and 11 Weight Watchers points.

2-A side orders can add more calories to your Leeann Chin meal. The fried chicken pot sticker, for instance, contains 97 calories and two grams of fat, while the Light Meringue Bar is only 60 calories and contains zero grams of fat. The Oyster wings, also served at Leeann Chin, have 261 and 22 grams of fat, respectively. These dishes are ideal for people who are watching their weight.

3-Most Leeann Chin entrees contain a lot of fried meat, so you should avoid them if you want to lose weight. The company has a good reputation for creating delicious food that appeals to various tastes. The nutritional information for Leeann Chin can be found on its website. There is a lot of information on this website, and you can learn about the ingredients in the various dishes.

4-The Chicken entree is a good choice if you’re trying to lose weight. A chicken noodle bowl contains four hundred calories and 20 grams of fat, while a beef and broccoli bowl has four hundred and twenty-one calories and 11 points for Weight Watchers. The Beef and Broccoli bowl contains 232 calories and seven grams of fat, making it a suitable diet option. The Asian Noodle entree has a lower point value of four, at three and a half Weight Watchers points.

The calorie and fat content of a Leeann Chin meal can vary considerably depending on the type of entree. Regardless of whether you’re looking for low-fat or low-calorie options, you’ll find a meal that suits your dietary needs. It’s important to know what foods are high in fat and calories before deciding. You can also choose the best options based on your individual needs.

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Is Leeann Chin A person Or A Fictional Character?

Leeann Chin (February 13, 1933 – March 10, 2010) was an American restaurateur, entrepreneur, and businesswoman of Chinese ancestry who started the Leeann Chin restaurant chain in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area in 1980.

Lorne Goldberg, the Los Angeles businessman and restaurateur who owns Leeann Chin Inc., has purchased Carlson Restaurants Inc.’s Pick Up Stix fast-casual Asian restaurant franchise.

How Much Does Leeann Chin Earn?

The average Leeann Chin pay is between $78,864 and $78,864 per year for a General Manager. The typical hourly wage for Leeann Chin is around $11 per hour for a Server to $11 per hour for a Server.

Leeann Chin is an Asian quick-service restaurant business founded in Bloomington, Minnesota, with over 50 locations around the Midwest, especially in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area.

What Is The Total Number Of Leeann Chin Locations?

The public immediately accepted Leeann’s unique concept and signature Chinese food. Leeann’s concept has evolved to over 50 locations and continues to deliver the best quality product on which the company was founded over 35 years ago.

In 2011, the fast-casual restaurant industry website FastCasual.com ranked 80th in the country’s top 100 restaurants.


When choosing a Leeann Chin entree, try to avoid the side dishes. These are high-calorie and high-fat, so the side options are not the best choice. The food at Leeann’s chin is made from chicken, so you may not be able to eat a lot of it without putting on extra weight. If you’re trying to lose weight, a potsticker with four grams of fat is a good option, but you’ll want to check the nutritional information before purchasing it.

Despite the name, the nutritional value of Leeann Chin entrees varies considerably. Depending on the type of dish, Leeann chin may not be the best choice for your weight-loss goals. Its entrees often have a lot of fat and calories, so make sure to consult the nutritional information carefully before ordering. This way, you’ll know exactly what to order and what you can expect to eat while eating at Leeann’s.