Monaco Citrus Rush Nutrition Facts

The nutrition facts for the Monaco lemon-lime vodka soda are available online. This cocktail has a unique flavor profile and is ready to drink, and it will remind you of a frozen fruit drink. A serving contains 162 calories, and the new version also lacks caffeine and has a citrus, vanilla, and floral overtones. The calorie count for the drink is still the same at 162 per glass. It has 9% alcohol by volume. To know Monaco citrus rush nutrition facts, read further.

Monaco Citrus Rush Nutrition Facts

Nutrition facts monaco

Monaco Citrus Rush

The Monaco citrus rush is a calorie-dense beverage. Its nutritional value is not included in the nutrition information. This beverage is alcohol-free and sodium-free. It is calorie-free. The beverage provides less than 1% of your daily energy. Only one sort of sugar is used to make the Monaco blue rush. As a result, eating a low-sugar diet is highly suggested. However, it would help if you were careful of the sodium and cholesterol content of the Monaco blue crush. The Monaco blue crush is a high-calorie, delightful drink. The blue juice comprises Gin, Tequila, Blue Curacao, and 9 percent ABV. It’s a little sweeter than the other Blue Crushes, but it’s still a lot of fun to drink. Purple is its official color, which is equivalent to a purple crush.

Varieties Of Monaco

Here is the different type of varieties of Monaco Cocktail :

Citrus Rush:

The Monaco Citrus Rush cocktail is a full-flavor experience that will take you back to the memories you made before the music stopped and the lights turned on. This complex flavor of citrus and floral overtones pairs nicely with our six-times-distilled Monaco Vodka, ensuring that your party goes off without a hitch. Memories are only ready to be created. The Monaco citrus rush is a high-calorie drink, and its nutrition facts do not mention its nutritional value. This drink contains no alcohol, is low in sodium, and has no calories. The drink contains less than 1% of your daily energy. The Monaco blue rush is made with only one type of sugar.

Tequila Lime Crush:

Tequila Lime Crush is a light and delicious cocktail that tastes like a Paloma or a sparkling margarita. With modest flavors of fresh citrus, this wine is perfectly balanced. 100% Blue Agave Tequila was used to make this cocktail. There is no sunscreen included.

Blue Crush:

Monaco Blue Crush is a ready-to-drink cocktail prepared with Monaco Vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and blue curacao and finished with a crisply carbonated soda. We’ve all tried the blue party bowl drink created out of who knows what; it was delicious, and wow, did we have a good time. The Monaco Blue Crush Cocktail encapsulates the entire bowl of fun in a can. Cocktails with a crisp finish are known as Monaco Cocktails. Every can contains two shots of premium spirits; they are mildly carbonated, incredibly refreshing, and well-balanced for a pleasant flavor. The Monaco blue crush does not include the nutrition facts for its Blue Crush, and the ingredient list doesn’t specify what it is made of. But it is generally low in calories, and it has high sodium and fat, which is dangerous for those with diabetes and other blood sugar conditions.

Monaco Purple Crush

The Monaco Purple Crush is a cocktail that combines the flavors of a summer lemonade stand with grape soda and two shots of cognac—designed to tantalize your senses and keep you dancing all night. Remember to bring your dancing shoes!

Monaco Tropic Rush

A vodka cocktail that has an immaculate finish. Two shots of four-times distilled vodka were added to the mix. The drink is lightly carbonated and quite refreshing. For a smooth taste, it’s well-balanced. Drink chilled or on the rocks when you’re ready to go.

Is Monaco Cocktail Drinks Better Than Other

  • The sugar content is low compared to many other juice drinks. This juice is a good source of energy, and however, it contains a high amount of sodium and fat.
  • People with blood sugar conditions should avoid drinking this product because of its high sugar content. This juice also contains artificial sweeteners in the same category as alcohol. Therefore, it is best to limit the amount of sugar in your diet to less than 5%.
  • The sugar content in this smoothie is also not high, but it is still a good energy source. It only contains 2% of the daily recommended allowance. Since sugar is a highly addictive substance, it should be kept minimum and kept at 5% of the total energy consumed.
  • In addition to this, the drink may contain high amounts of sodium. In addition to the sugar content, it may also contain high sodium.
  • As a result, it is highly recommended to have a low sugar intake. But you should be aware of the Monaco blue crush’s sodium and cholesterol content.
  • If you have diabetes, you should avoid the drink. Aside from this, the Monaco blue juice is not high in sodium, and the average dose is 2%. Nonetheless, it is a delicious and nutritious juice.

Is Healthy to Take Monaco Drinks

The Monaco Vodka Soda is an anti–cocktail consisting of sparkling soda water, two shots of Monaco Vodka, and natural flavors. Monaco Vodka Sodas, which add fuel to your celebration, respond to your need for a guilt-free alternative to cocktails. This collection of unadulterated drinks is made with only three simple ingredients and is the finest of its kind. As we have mastered the art of Vodka Soda designed for you, these cocktails are gluten-free and malt-free, ensuring only the most satisfactory quality experience. The Lemon Lime Monaco Vodka Soda is a delectable combination of these two citrus flavors, mixed with our incredibly smooth six-time distilled Monaco Vodka. But don’t take our word for it; try it for yourself and tell us which fruit reigns supreme.


While the Monaco Citrus Rush has a low sugar content, it is a delicious, tangy drink available nationwide. Despite its high sugar content, it has only tiny cholesterol. The World Health Organization advises limiting the amount of free sugar you consume. A Monaco orange juice is an excellent source of energy, and it contains 2% of the daily recommended daily intake of sugar. It is low in saturated fat and has a small amount of fat.