Oven Beef Stroganoff Recipe

This recipe is kind of a different take on Beef Stroganoff. The ingredients reminded me more of a stir fry type recipe than anything else. The pleasant surprise was that it is really good. This Oven Beef Stroganoff Recipe doesn’t require many ingredients and is very simple to prepare. The cooking time in the recipe … Read more

Slow Cooker Italian Beef Roast

Wow! This is a great combination of flavors. This Slow Cooker Italian Beef Roast is so simple to put together and it’s incredible. A couple of packets of seasoning, a chuck roast, broth, and some sliced onion, and it’s into the slow cooker. I am not usually big on using seasoning packed mixes, but I … Read more

Beef and Barley Soup Recipe

I like soup anytime of the year, but it’s especially good in the winter months. When I saw this Beef and Barley Soup Recipe all the ingredients looked real good, and I thought the bacon was a nice touch. This is a simple recipe with not a lot of prep timed; but it cooks on … Read more