Best Beer For Cooking Corned Beef

The best beer for cooking corned beef is stout. You can use Guinness or Samuel Smith’s stout and use homebrewed Irish Dry Stout. After simmering the meat for three to four hours, it should be tender. It’s essential to cut the meat against the grain to keep it moist. This roast should be paired with a savory side dish.

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What Is Corned Beef?
In the British Commonwealth of Nations, corned beef, often known as salt beef, is salt-cured beef brisket.

Best Beer for Cooking Chili

When you’re looking for the best beer for cooking chili, consider the dish’s flavor profile. There are various options, including stouts, porters, and red ales. Stouts have a thick, dark flavor with chocolate, coffee, and molasses notes. They are generally considered the best choice for more decadent dishes. Red ales are more moderate but are also a good choice. They help balance out the intense flavors of chili while enhancing its sweetness.


Pilsner is a straightforward beer with a light flavor that pairs well with many types of food.