The Best Chicken Dinner Recipes

There are numerous excellent chicken dinner recipes available, but selecting the ideal one for your family might be difficult. This list is chock-full of ideas that will please everyone, including chicken breast and thigh recipes. There are also seven variations on the basic chicken parmesan dish, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Because chicken is such a versatile meat, there are always leftovers! So, which dish for chicken dinner should you try first

Fried chicken connoisseurs know that a seasoned bird with crisp skin and succulent meat is the best.

Simple Chicken Marsala Recipe

  I have wanted to prepare this Chicken Marsala Recipe for some time now, but had a problem locating the Marsala wine. I did not want to use a substitute because there just seems to be something special about the taste of this wine. This is a very simple recipe with not much prep or cooking time, and requires very few ingredients. This recipe is on the light side and was a tasty change from the recipes I normally prepare. At the end of the cooking process I added a little corn starch to thicken the sauce up a little …

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