How To Cook In Clay Pots?

Because clay pots are porous, heat and moisture can circulate evenly throughout the cooking process. Meals prepared in this manner retains more excellent nutritional value than food prepared in other tools. Meat cooked in clay pots also stays moist and tender. Clay pots are not only suitable for cooling water but also for naturally purifying it. Because of the porous micro-texture, pollutants in the water are blocked, and the water is mainly safe to consume. Because clay pots are alkaline, they interact with the acidity in the food, bringing the pH balance back to normal and making it healthier.

Choosing the Best Clay Pot for Cooking on Stove

Choosing the ideal clay pot for stovetop cooking is critical since it will influence your food’s final taste and texture. If you’re using a ceramic or glass pot, you should watch the temperature. If the pot becomes too hot, it may crack. To avoid this, consider heating the pot on low heat first, then increasing it to medium after a few uses. Furthermore, it would help not to heat the pot on high because the clay absorbs heat and causes your food to lose flavor.