The Best Recipe For Cooking Lobster

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A lobster meal is one of the most popular dishes on the planet. The taste and appearance of a cooked lobster are enticing, whether you choose a sophisticated steakhouse or a modest seafood restaurant. You can even prepare them yourself! Butter, garlic, salt, and melted butter are used in a simple lobster recipe. After you’ve blended these ingredients, you’re ready to begin the cooking process!
Here Are Some Best Recipe For Cooking Lobster
Butter-Poached Lobster Rolls With Spicy Sauce
Prepare a giant ice bath.

The Best Pots for Cooking Lobster

Firstly, choose a large pot. You will need several large pots to cook your lobsters in the right amount of water. The size of each pot will determine how long it will take for the lobsters to reach their desired doneness. A smaller soup pot can easily handle a couple of small lobsters. For five to six one-quarter-pound live-lobsters, a 19-quart pot is appropriate.