What to Serve with Chicken Cordon Bleu?

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Creating the perfect chicken cordon bleu dish can be a challenge. The dish is delicate and delicious, and it cannot be easy to come up with the best sides. This list includes some side dishes you’ve probably never considered but will love. Whether you serve the chicken with mashed potatoes or as a separate dish, these dishes will enhance the flavor and texture of the dish. Depending on your tastes, you can also include a side salad or vegetable side dish.

This classic French dish, chicken cordon bleu, is typically made with ham, cheese, and chicken.

How Long to Cook Chicken Cordon Bleu?

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When preparing a Chicken Cordon Bleu, it is essential to know how long to cook it. This classic French recipe is a favorite at restaurants and homes. The chicken breasts are seasoned with salt and pepper and sliced horizontally. Then, you pound them until they’re skinny and even.

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Using a meat mallet, pound them until they’re skinny. You can also use your hands to pound the chicken. Next, you’ll want to spread the mayonnaise mixture over the top and sides of the chicken. To finish, you can add the cheese and ham to the top.