Falafel Nutrition Facts


Falafel is a Middle Eastern dish that is particularly popular among vegans and vegetarians. It is made out of deep-fried patties prepared from a mixture of chickpeas (or fava beans), herbs, spices, onion, and dough. Falafel can be eaten on its own, although it’s usually served in a pita pocket, flatbread, or as part of a meze (a collection of appetizers). Despite its popularity and abundance of nutritional components, many people question whether it is a healthy dish.

It’s frequently deep-fried in oil, significantly increasing calorie and fat content.

How to Make Falafel Burger?

This falafel burger dish from our friends at Pretty Simple Cooking has us completely smitten. Unlike many veggie burger and falafel recipes, this one uses easy-to-find items from practically any grocery, and it’s easy to put together and tastes delicious. Thanks to spices and fresh herbs, the patties have a lovely meaty texture and a robust, aromatic flavor. They’re the dish I’d eat any night of the week because they’re light and healthy while simultaneously savory and filling.

This falafel burger recipe is straightforward to prepare.

How to Make Falafel?

How to Make Falafel

Falafel is a popular Middle Eastern dish made with legumes (usually chickpeas or fava beans) that are combined with herbs and spices before being deep-fried till crisp golden brown on the exterior and delicate in the middle. Falafel is a popular Middle Eastern dish that is also spelled felafel. These little deep-fried patties are popular street food in countries like Syria, Egypt, and Israel, the latter of which has falafel as its national cuisine.