How To Make Gumbo Recipe?


Gumbo is a dish that is truly a melting pot. It originated in Louisiana and incorporated cuisines and ingredients from various civilizations, including West African, French, German, and Choctaw. It’s a top-notch comfort stew with a rich roux and the Holy Trinity of onions, celery, and bell peppers at its heart. Make sure to read our suggestions for making rich and filling gumbo before you start cooking:

Every good gumbo starts with a roux, butter, and flour mixture. In this scenario, we will simmer the roux until it becomes golden, taking around 10 minutes.

The Best Pot For Cooking Gumbo

If you are looking for the best pots for cooking gumbo, you have several choices. A stainless steel pot is a good option, but stainless steel is more expensive than cast iron, and you will need to season it first.