Best Hard Cider for Cooking

The days of finding Angry Orchard hard cider in certain liquor stores nationwide are long gone. For a good reason, cider has gained enormous popularity in the past five years. It delivers all the warm and comfortable (but crisp and sparkling) feelings to any gathering and manages to appeal to beer and wine consumers equally, which is no easy achievement. It is also gluten-free. However, as more people have access to cider, the beverage market has overflowed with options, including filtered and unfiltered drinks, fruity concoctions like blackberry and pineapple, and cans from upstate New York Boston, Austin, and Washington …

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Best Hard Cider to Drink

Hard Cider

Most of the country has apple trees, and fall is the best time to eat and drink apples. Hard cider is a tasty drink made from the juice of apples. There are hard cider makers in the Midwest, the Pacific Northwest, and New England. Hard cider is no longer the sweeter alternative to beer. Today, traditional hard ciders have evolved into ciders that push the limits in the same way that beer does.

Cider takes a lot of good things from a few different types of alcohol.