Jackfruit Nutrition Facts


The popularity of jackfruit, a unique tropical fruit, has grown in recent years. It has a unique sweetness and may be utilized in several cuisines. It’s also high in nutrients and may provide various health benefits. It has a modest calorie content, with 155 calories per one cup (100-gram) portion. Carbohydrates 39.6 grams, with protein and a minor fat accounting for the rest. Furthermore, jackfruit provides a good amount of fiber and practically every vitamin and mineral your body needs.

Cooked jackfruit resembles pulled beef in appearance and feel.

The Best Jackfruit Recipes


One of the fastest-growing plant-based products, jackfruit can grow up to 3 feet long and 20 inches wide. This versatile fruit has a flavor and texture similar to cooked meat. Its native lands are the tropical regions of India, particularly Kerala, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. Parts of Brazil are also home to jackfruit. Aside from being delicious raw, jackfruit can also be used in savory dishes, including chakka variety.

Jackfruit can be used in many ways for flavor, including BBQ sauce. You can make a homemade barbecue sauce or buy pre-made BBQ sauce.