Best Jungle Juice Recipe

The Easy Jungle Juice Recipe is the most delicious punch drink that can be made for a large group of people. In addition to alcohol such as rum and vodka, the components include a combination of fresh fruit and fruit juice. Fruit juices are essential to the recipe because of their ability to disguise the … Read more

The Best Green Juice Recipes

Green juice

One of the best green juice recipes is a mixture of spinach and celery. Spinach contains folate, preventing neural tube defects and helping produce red blood cells during pregnancy. Cucumber is an excellent source of antioxidants and also neutralizes acidity. Apple and pineapple are added to make the drink tastier, and lemon juice is also added to make it more appealing. These ingredients can help boost the health benefits of a green smoothie.

Green Juice Nutrition Facts

What is green juice?
Green juice is a beverage produced from green vegetable juices.