How To Make Green Juice In Your Blender?

How To Make Green Juice In Your Blender

Don’t you own a juicer? There is no problem! With this step-by-step instruction on creating green juice in your blender in just two simple steps, you can have green juice in minutes. All that is required is a high-speed blender and cheesecloth. Green juices have enjoyed their time in the limelight. While I believe they are not a panacea for all health problems, they are an excellent way to pack many nutrients into a drink!

Green juice was all the rage.

The Best Green Juice Recipes

Green juice

One of the best green juice recipes is a mixture of spinach and celery. Spinach contains folate, preventing neural tube defects and helping produce red blood cells during pregnancy. Cucumber is an excellent source of antioxidants and also neutralizes acidity. Apple and pineapple are added to make the drink tastier, and lemon juice is also added to make it more appealing. These ingredients can help boost the health benefits of a green smoothie.

Green Juice Nutrition Facts

What is green juice?
Green juice is a beverage produced from green vegetable juices.