What is Meyer Lemon?

Meyer lemons are smaller, juicier, and sweeter than conventional lemons since they are a hybrid of a mandarin orange and a lemon. Their flesh has a golden colour rather than a bright yellow, and they also generate more juice. In addition, compared to typical lemons, which have an oval form, Meyer lemons are typically rounder. … Read more

How to Make the Meyer Lemon Pound Cake?

How to Make the Meyer Lemon Pound Cake

Meyer lemons are named after Frank N. Meyer, an agricultural adventurer who discovered the plant in the early twentieth century and brought it back to America. discovered these unique lemons in their native China, where they were being utilized as attractive houseplants. The fruit’s actual potential was not realized until chefs like Alice Waters began utilizing it at her Chez Panisse restaurant. Meyer lemons first gained popularity in the early 2000s when Martha Stewart used them in various dishes.

Before using the lemons, make sure they’re clean and dry.