Sausage Pan Pizza Recipe

Sometimes I like to take a break and pick a pizza up from the store or local restaurant. This time I decided to just pick up the ingredients and put a homemade pizza together. I have to admit I did cheat a little bit by purchasing a ready-made crust. The toppings for this pizza are … Read more

Simple Pizza Casserole Recipe

  I had to dig way back into my recipe file to find this Simple Pizza Casserole Recipe. This recipe was popular with my kids when they were young. Actually we all really enjoyed it, but for some reason it kind of fell to the wayside. This is a simple recipe and very basic I’m … Read more

Grilled Homemade Pizza Burger Recipe

Pizza burgers have always been one of my family favorites, but in the past we have purchased them premade frozen from the store. When I saw this Grilled Homemade Pizza Burger Recipe it gave me a good excuse to fire up the grill and try something I have never tried before. My main concern was … Read more