How to Make Potato Soup?

Potato Soup

When looking for potato soup, you might be surprised by the options available. A traditional potato soup recipe is very simple, and potatoes should be tender but not mushy. Toppings are also a great way to add complementary flavors to your soup. Bacon pairs well with potatoes, and heavy cream or vegetable broth can be used instead of sour cream. If you want a more flavorful soup, you can add peas or corn. Toss in some bacon if you’re feeling adventurous.

You can always add extra seasonings to create a unique flavor profile, regardless of your favorite flavor.

Ham and Potato Soup Recipe

I had some ham leftover from the Holiday so I decided to prepare this Ham and Potato Soup Recipe. I made a few minor changes to the recipe; mainly to increase the hardiness of the ingredients. This is a simple recipe and there’s a good chance if you have leftover ham from the holiday you … Read more