How do you Tell if Raw Chicken is Bad?

Raw Chicken is Bad

Raw chicken is not very interesting to look at. It doesn’t look all that appetizing, but when it’s roasted with some herbs and oils, it tastes fantastic! It explains why so many Americans are ready to put up with this raw flesh and consume 8 billion chickens a year, or 201 pounds per person on … Read more

How Long Can Raw Chicken Be In The Fridge?


If you’re wondering how long can raw chicken stay in the refrigerator, keep reading! The USDA recommends keeping the raw chicken in the fridge for two days. That’s more than enough time for most recipes! Just check the packaging to make sure it’s not expired. If you’re unsure, read this article for tips and advice! How Long Can Raw Chicken Stay in the Fridge?

While there are no FDA guidelines for storing raw chicken in the refrigerator, some standard rules can help you keep your poultry safe.

What Happens if you Eat Raw Chicken?

What Happens If You Eat Raw Chicken?

Chicken is one of the most popular proteins on the planet. Because it has lower fat and more excellent protein ratio than other meats, it’s a good choice for lean protein. Raw food diets have recently gained popularity, particularly among dietary restrictions. Raw food diets promote meatless nutrition centered on raw fruits and vegetables, and meats have gradually found their way into raw food diets.

It’s critical to ensure that the chicken is thoroughly cooked to a safe temperature.