How to Make Rice Cake?

Rice cakes come in a wide variety of flavors and textures. Every one of them has a taste all its own, and they all have their distinct consistency. Rice cakes have a flavor comparable to pounded rice; however, a somewhat sweeter variety of rice cakes is more common in the United States. The rice is mixed with air during the puffing process, resulting in plain rice cakes having a flavor that is not as pronounced as other rice cakes. You can even use them as a filling in sandwiches and a substitute for the bread in sandwiches.

Puffed Rice Cakes Nutrition Facts

The puffed rice cakes nutrition facts are not very helpful when counting calories and they have more calories than bread, chips, or pasta. While they don’t contain much fat or fiber, they are convenient and can be eaten almost anywhere. While they don’t contribute much to the diet’s nutritional value, they’re a good source of fiber. However, you should watch the portions and pair them with a protein and healthy fat source.

Puffed rice cakes nutrition facts show that they contain very little protein.