White Rice Nutrition Facts

White Rice Nutrition Facts

White rice that has not been fortified has a relatively low vitamin and mineral content. One hundred thirty calories, 2.7 grams of protein, 28 grams of carbohydrates, and less than 0.4 grams of fiber are all found in one cup of cooked white rice. Three pieces of white bread have nearly that many carbohydrates. For … Read more

Puffed Rice Cakes Nutrition Facts

The puffed rice cakes nutrition facts are not very helpful when counting calories and they have more calories than bread, chips, or pasta. While they don’t contain much fat or fiber, they are convenient and can be eaten almost anywhere. While they don’t contribute much to the diet’s nutritional value, they’re a good source of fiber. However, you should watch the portions and pair them with a protein and healthy fat source.

Puffed rice cakes nutrition facts show that they contain very little protein.

Slow Cooker Chinese Pork Ribs Recipe

  I don’t very often run into pork rib recipes that have an Asian hint to them. When I saw this Slow Cooker Chinese Pork Ribs Recipe I decided to give it a try. I was not sure how well the orange marmalade would combine with the recipe but it all seemed to go together … Read more