How to Tell If Tortillas Are Bad

Check out the following signs to know if your tortillas have passed their expiration date. If they’ve hardened slightly or smelled bad, you might discard them. If they’ve gone bad completely, they should be discarded. If the tortillas have mold, they should be thrown out. If you’re unsure, try to test for mold by smelling them.

Tortillas Nutrition Facts

What Is Tortilla?

Tortilla is a circular, thin, flat Mexican bread prepared from unleavened cornmeal or wheat flour. To soften the kernels and release the hulls, tortilla corn (maize) was traditionally cooked with unslaked lime.

Best Tortilla Recipes

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking the best tortilla recipes. You’ll find it all here, from authentic Mexican cuisine to Mexican-inspired dishes. And if you haven’t tried a recipe yet, now is the moment. If this is your first time making tortillas, you’ll be pleased you read this article! The following guidelines will assist you in producing the ideal batch of homemade corn flour tortillas.

What Makes Tortillas Soft And Stretchy?
Damp paper towels are used to line a plate or tortilla warmer.