FAGE 0% Greek Yogurt Nutrition Facts Per Serving


The nutrition data for FAGE Total 0% Greek Yogurt per serving are based on a 35-year-old female. This delightful, creamy milk substitute contains roughly 120 calories per kilo. This figure is slightly higher than the national average, although it is still lower than most other yogurts. FAGE Total is a more satisfying, lower-calorie option than other brands because it has no artificial sweeteners.

The fat content of full-fat Greek Yogurt is higher than that of low-fat Greek Yogurt. Fat accounts for most of its calories, and it’s heavy in saturated fat.

How to Tell if Yogurt is Bad?


It can be challenging to tell if Yogurt is spoilt, but there are a few simple ways to tell. Look for the words “natural” or “unpasteurized” on the labels of your Yogurt. If the Yogurt you bought says “pasteurized,” it’s probably not natural and should be thrown out. Similarly, if the product’s box reads “pasteurized,” you shouldn’t eat it.

Yogurt Nutrition Facts
How To Tell If Yogurt Is Bad?

Fellow yogurt fans, but here it is again: Yogurt does go wrong, and if you eat poor Yogurt, you’re in trouble (more on that later).

IOGO Greek Yogurt Nutrition Facts

Greek yogurt from IOGO is a protein-fortified dairy product with a creamy texture and no added sugar. It’s free of artificial flavors and preservatives, and it contains 20% of the daily calcium needed. Original, Strawberry, Lemon, and Vanilla are the four delectable flavors available. According to parents, the flavor and texture are outstanding, and they feel good about feeding it to their children.

Although Greek yogurt is high in vitamin D, some contain added sugar. If you wish to avoid them, stick to plain varieties. These are healthy alternatives that will keep you full.