What is Kencko?

When it comes to keno nutrition facts, it’s essential to know precisely what you’re eating. The company freeze-dries its organic produce to retain nutrients while retaining its natural flavor. Then, they use a unique heating process to remove water to turn the produce into a powder. As a result, there are no additives, and a single packet can last for up to six months. Mix the powder with your favorite drink, such as water, coconut water, or milk, to create a smoothie. The packets come with a shaker bottle that makes preparing the smoothie a snap.

What Is Kencko?

The smoothie will have all the nutrients and vitamins you need, while the single servings are under 100 calories each. Unlike some popular smoothies, Kenko uses plant-based plastic in its packaging. While there are many benefits of drinking a Kenko smoothie, it should be noted that the smoothies are not intended as a meal replacement.

The powdered version of fruits and vegetables can be added to yogurt or other foods. This may work for people who have stomach issues, but it is not a complete meal replacement. As such, it is better to eat a healthy meal with it. But, it would help if you never forgot that the calorie content is only a portion of the overall calories.

What is Kencko?

Kencko began to develop soon after I was diagnosed with severe gastritis. Doctors told me I’d have to take drugs for the rest of my life, so I chose to try modifying my diet instead of succumbing to a lifetime of medication. I changed my diet to be 90% plant-based. I tried to find a way to keep fresh, plant-based foods with me at all times, but nothing worked for my hectic schedule. As a result, I decided to develop my solution.

I knew I wasn’t the only one struggling with this problem…unsuccessfully. Only one out of every ten persons consumes the required 5–10 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Kencko draws its name from the Japanese word Kenko, which means “healthy.”

Our team believes in fruit and vegetable consumption that is convenient, clear, and hassle-free, which means no more mystery soft drinks, $5-10 cold-pressed juices with a short shelf life and lack of essential fibers, and no food waste. Our company’s goal is to assist everyone gets their five a day of fruits and vegetables.

Beverage Development is a Tough Process. What Kind of Difficulties have you Faced?

Finding high-quality manufacturers that could help us as we grew was a hurdle we faced early on. We didn’t want to compromise our product, but we weren’t ready to start our production line right once. We chose a few of the most dependable manufacturers and put them through a thorough qualification process. Finally, we discovered the appropriate partners, and we’re incredibly fortunate to be working with them.

We were also adamant about obtaining access to vast quantities of organic fruit, so we chose to headquarter our operations in Europe, where we knew we’d have consistent access to high-quality food. If we had chosen a different base of operations, this would not have been the case.

The Development of Kenko Seems Interesting. Can you Tell us More About the Whole Process?

Kenko is produced with only the most nutritious organic fruits and vegetables as a foundation of high-quality food. We use a combination of fast freezing and gradual heat to dehydrate the fruit. The fruit and vegetables are then crushed into dust.

And that’s precisely what you get in a kencko packet: 200g of crushed fruit and vegetables, fiber and all. We can keep 100% of the nutritional worth of every blueberry, apple, and spinach leaf we utilize because of our technique. Nothing is lost in the process. Isn’t it cool?

Is Kencko Tasty?

5.0 stars out of 5. Yum!! I combine the flavors with coconut water, and they are all great. I suppose your taste would be affected if you’re used to adding sugars or sweeteners, and you wouldn’t appreciate this. This is fantastic. Kencko nailed their flavors.

They have something for everyone, and they do an excellent job at recreating classic smoothie flavors such as “banana, strawberry, and blueberry” and more tropical smoothie flavors. The disadvantage is that they do not taste as fresh as typical smoothies made at home.

Kencko is a Perfect Example of Beverage Innovations. What are Consumers Looking for Right Now? Who is your Target Market?

We only launched three months ago, so we’re still learning a lot about the types of customers who get excited when they hear about kencko’s unique method of getting five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. We’ve got the most out of Instagram as a platform.

People that find us on Instagram are fitness, health, and nutrition enthusiasts, and their accounts reflect this. A fascinating segment is that healthy moms have started adding keno to their children’s daily meals!

What Is Kencko

Kencko is Made in the United States. Is Kencko Available Only in the Us, or is it Already a Global Brand?

Most of Kenko’s organic fruits and vegetables come from farms where the local climate allows maximum freshness. Kencko’s manufacturing technique is centered in Europe. However, we ship from the United States because most of our customers are situated.

We already consider ourselves worldwide because our business model is direct-to-consumer web subscriptions. We ship for free to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom and for a nominal cost almost anywhere else. We’re also forming crucial partnerships in Asia to expand more quickly.

How does Kencko Make Smoothies?

Kenko creates its smoothie blends by freeze-drying organic fruits and vegetables, then crushing them into a powder and mixing them. Then you pour your smoothie powder into a shaker bottle (which comes in your package) and shake it up, and your smoothie “magically” appears.

Kenko is headquartered in New York, although it processes data in Lisbon, Portugal. Kencko smoothies can be a quick and easy breakfast. Each packet contains about 85 calories; you may mix them with any milk or yogurt, add a scoop of protein powder, or add whole grains, nuts, or seeds, depending on your nutritional needs.

There are 6 Different Taste of Kencko. Can you Tell us More About them? Which One is your Favorite?

I’m not sure I have a favorite among the six, but I have distinct reasons for loving each one. Our dietitians worked hard to curate the palettes of each variety of keno flavors, not only in terms of taste but also in terms of health advantages.

The elements in each fruit and vegetable mix (greens, reds, corals, blacks, yellows, and purples) have specific health benefits. Depending on what’s inside, each Kenko packet can aid with things like decreasing blood pressure or reducing muscle discomfort.


Kencko is an intelligent food company that delivers 100% organic smoothies when it comes to nutrition. Their single-serve bowls contain between 2.5 and 4 servings of fruit and vegetables, and their ingredients are slow-dried so that the water content remains high and the nutrients and fiber remain intact. As a result, a single Kencko smoothie contains 2.5 servings of fruit and vegetables.

The company also offers compostable and biodegradable packet packaging. The ingredients in a single Kencko smoothie packet are organic, fast-frozen, and slow-dried. They contain the same amount of vitamins, minerals, and fiber as two servings of fresh fruit and veggies.

The smoothie is also packed with fiber and iron, which helps reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. It tastes great and is even mint-flavored. You can only get the smoothies through a subscription, and you can select the number of smoothies you want to drink per month or once. You can also select the flavor of the smoothie and the frequency you want to drink it.