14 Amazing Pie Recipes



For me pies kind of follow the seasons. I love the taste of the fresh berries starting in the spring with the strawberries. The rhubarb plants are usually at their peak at this time pairing real well with the strawberries. For me this is followed by, cherries, red raspberries, blue berries, and then black berries at the end of the summer. If I’m lucky I will have raspberry, blue berry, and blackberry plants producing at the same time to create a delicious triple berry pie combination.  

The fall here in upper Michigan is a beautiful time of year but I just don’t care a lot for the winter that follows (especially this one). Fresh pumpkins make delicious pies, and the apples are usually plentiful creating delicious pie combinations right up until Thanksgiving Day.

Check out the pie recipes I’ve included in this post and the next time you’re in the mood for pie, give one a try.

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