Basic Waffle Recipe

Homemade waffles are so easy to make and purchasing a waffle iron wont brake the bank. For topping you can use butter, maple syrup, or any other delicious combination of flavors like berries and whip cream.   Basic Waffle Recipe Recipe Type: Dessert Author: Larry Prep time: 10 mins Cook time: 10 mins Total time: … Read more

Rhubarb Bars Recipe

It’s rhubarb season here in Upper Michigan and I figured I should post at least one recipe with rhubarb as the main ingredient. This recipe almost didn’t get posted because I had some issues putting the crust together – I double checked it to make sure it was right but had trouble getting the crumbly … Read more

Simple Raspberry Cobbler Recipe

Berry season is in full swing here in upper Michigan. We just ended the strawberry season and now the red raspberries, purple raspberries, and blueberries are all ripening at the same time; how good can it get. It would be a shame to freeze all of them, so I like to use as many of … Read more

Simple Strawberry Dessert Crepes Recipe

Our local market ran fresh strawberries on sale this past week so I decided to give this Simple Strawberry Dessert Crepes Recipe a try. They are never as good as the fresh local berries, but I’m so tired of winter I thought a little bit of fresh fruit might perk me up a little bit. … Read more

14 Amazing Pie Recipes

    For me pies kind of follow the seasons. I love the taste of the fresh berries starting in the spring with the strawberries. The rhubarb plants are usually at their peak at this time pairing real well with the strawberries. For me this is followed by, cherries, red raspberries, blue berries, and then … Read more

Raspberry Shortcakes Recipe

The cherries are ripening faster than I can pick them and now the raspberries are ripening. I love strawberry shortcake but I like raspberry shortcake even better. To make this shortcake I used a mixture of purple and red raspberries and prepared the shortcake from Bisquick mix; absolutely delicious. If you have fresh raspberries available … Read more

Low Fat Raspberry Corn Muffins Recipe

  The last time I made corn muffins they came out a lot better than I expected, so I decided to try it again.  When I saw the list of ingredients that goes into this Raspberry Corn Muffins Recipe, my first thought was, “how can it not be good.” The apricot, raspberries, and orange zest … Read more

Cranberry Glazed Pork Chops Recipe

I like to use cranberries in recipes whenever I can, so when I saw this Cranberry Glazed Pork Chops Recipe I decided to give it a try. Dried cranberries by then selves are very good and I thought the flavor of dried cranberries and cranberry sauce server over pork chops would be a great combination. … Read more

Cranberry Muffins Recipe

I really like fresh cranberries they are so much better than the canned berry sauces. For some reason I never thought of them being used in a muffin recipe. I was running out of treats to go with my coffee so when I saw this Cranberry Muffins Recipe I thought I would give it a … Read more

Strawberry Coffee Cake Recipe

The Holidays are a great time of the year. But this past Holiday just like the rest, their was too much good food. As a result we have tried to cut back on the sweets a little bit in an effort to get rid of a few extra pounds. I just had to make an … Read more