How to Tell if Blackberry is Bad?

When blackberries are in season, you overspend at the farmer’s market. Then you wondered how to store them so they wouldn’t spoil so quickly. Perhaps you’re already aware that you have an abundance of blackberries and are considering freezing them. The colour and texture of blackberries indicate whether they have gone wrong. Blackberries that have gone bad are soft, mushy, and have an unpleasant odour. Blackberries can be kept in the refrigerator for 2–3 days.

Mixed Berry Muffin Recipe

I think this is rushing summer a little bit but when I saw fresh berries for sale at a local supermarket I couldn’t resist. I used a combination of black berries and blue berries in this recipe and it was just delicious, but you can use any combination you want. If you don’t feel like … Read more

Blackberry Ice Cream Recipe

We have had a great year for berries here in Upper Michigan. Hot weather for most days and rain about one day a week. Our blueberry, raspberry and blackberry plants producing just an unreal amount of berries. I love homemade ice cream. This Blackberry Ice Cream Recipe was a great way to use some of … Read more