Mixed Berry Muffin Recipe

I think this is rushing summer a little bit but when I saw fresh berries for sale at a local supermarket I couldn’t resist. I used a combination of black berries and blue berries in this recipe and it was just delicious, but you can use any combination you want. If you don’t feel like spending the money this time of year for fresh berries, book mark the page or print out the recipe. Before we know it summer will be here and we will have all kind of fresh produce. Give this Mixed Berry Muffin Recipe a try you’ll …

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Raspberry Cream Cheese Milkshake Recipe

A little bit of work but so Delicious! The lemon zest and cream cheese -what a delightful combination. We used fresh purple raspberries out of our garden for this recipe. Any kind of berry or a combination of them would be very good. I doubled the recipe. This recipe makes 1- 16 0z shake or 2- 8 ounce shakes. This milkshake recipe is rich and delicious. I hope you enjoy! Raspberry Cream Cheese Milkshake Recipe Recipe Type: Dessert Author: Larry Prep time: 60 mins Cook time: 20 mins Total time: 1 hour 20 mins Serves: 16 ounces 3.4.3177