7-11 Slurpee Nutrition Facts

You might have seen the 7-11 Slurpees advertising and wondered how many calories they contain. Well, let us help you understand these drinks better. Despite the fad that these drinks have, they’re still healthy treats. Check out these nutrition facts and decide for yourself. These beverages are available at convenience stores nationwide, and they’re a great way to beat the summer heat. To know 7-11 slurpee nutrition facts read further.


7-11 Slurpee Nutrition Facts

slurpee nutrition facts

What Is 7-11 Slurpee?

You’ve probably heard of the iconic Slurpee, a time-honored beverage cherished by millions if you live in America (or even if you don’t). The Slurpee is a self-serve carbonated slush drink available at 7-Eleven locations worldwide. Every year, the American chain, owned by a Japanese company, produces enough Slurpee to fill 12 Olympic-sized swimming pools. You’ve probably slurped a Slurpee or 307 in your life if you reside in the United States, Japan, Canada, or any of the other countries where good 7-Elevens are ubiquitous.

You may have yanked on the self-serve lever and poured every flavor imaginable into your colorful wax paper cup, from the tangy Mandarin Jarrito to the robust Cap’n Crunch Crunch Berries. Diet and regular Slurpees are the two primary types of Slurpees available. While the former has fewer calories, full-sugar flavors are worse. Diet Slurpees include aspartame, a chemical that is hazardous to many people. If you’re concerned about the health impacts, you should avoid the diet version.

How Was Slurpee Discovered?

The story of the Slurpee begins in an odd location: a Kansas Dairy Queen with a picky soda fountain rather than a 7-Eleven. When the Dairy Queen’s soda fountain broke down in the late 1950s, Omar Knedlik’s proprietor began storing bottles of soda in the freezer. Whenever he put the bottles in the freezer for an extended period, the sodas would come out partially frozen. Customers loved the slushy soda pops and began demanding them regularly, much to Knedlik’s astonishment.

Knedlik was so inspired that he cobbled together a machine out of a car A/C unit to make semi-frozen, carbonated beverages. The machine pumped carbon dioxide into a frozen combination of taste and water to make the fizzy drink. Knedlik collaborated with a Dallas-based engineering firm to develop the concept, after which he began selling the ICEE machine to cafes, restaurants, petrol stations, and convenience stores.

Knedlik licensed the ICEE machine to 7-Eleven in 1965, and the drink was renamed the “Slurpee.” The name “Slurpee” was coined by 7-Eleven ad agency director Bob Stanford, who was inspired by the drink’s noise when swallowed via a straw. Every 7-Eleven across the country would have a Slurpee machine by the time the 1970s arrived.

Flavors Of Slurpee

Here are some of the best flavors of Slurpee:

Black Cherry Pepsi

Cherry Pepsi is one of my favorite sodas. Unfortunately, the 7-Eleven Slurpee variant of one of my favorite drinks is notorious for disappointing. I tried this flavor on several occasions and found it rather lovely. However, it falls far short of the success of its soda equivalent.

Piña Colada

If you enjoy Pia Coladas, you’ll probably enjoy this flavor as well. The sweetness of pineapple and the smoothness of coconut are evident in the first couple of swallows. As I walk out into the snowy nothingness that is upstate New York winter, it’s a refreshing Slurpee that reminds me that the sun does exist. This Slurpee would be a top-three contender if the flavor combination were a little sweeter.

Blue Raspberry

Drink with caution because this is one of the sweeter flavors available. I recommend mixing it with another taste to balance out the sweetness, and I recommend combining Blue Raspberry and Wild Cherry for a delectable combo.

Mountain Dew

If you’re like me and drink Mountain Dew exclusively while writing a paper at 4 a.m. in defiance of your sleep pattern and grade, I’m happy to report that there is a better alternative to plain soda. Why not accomplish all of that in the shape of a Slurpee? The Mountain Dew Slurpee tastes precisely like the real thing, but you’ll feel better drinking one in the morning than chugging the yellowish-green liquid straight from the bottle. In the darkest of times, the combination of the frosty drink’s texture and the flavor of the famous soda will relax you and remind you that comfort food (or drink, in this case) exists for a purpose.

Blue Shock Mountain Dew

Blue Shock is a mix of Blue Raspberry and Mountain Dew that combines the best of both flavors, giving you just the right amount of sweetness from the blue raspberry and a fizzy charge from the Mountain Dew. This flavor never fails to revitalize me.

Wild Cherry

Cherry is a great all-around flavor and the greatest of the fruit-based Slurpees. Even though it’s “wild,” this is the flavor you’d bring home to your folks if you could. Cherry is a fixture at many 7-Eleven locations, and it goes well with a range of Slurpee flavors like Mountain Dew and Coke. It’s also more than capable of standing out in a zingy, delicious way on its own.


Coke is classic if Wild Cherry is the most popular Slurpee flavor at 7-Eleven. Like its soda equivalent, Coke is addictive in the greatest conceivable way (except for your dental bills). There’s not much else to say about it except that it’s a flavor that Slurpee newbies and professionals alike will love, with guaranteed joyful outcomes. I hope my ranking of the most nuanced 7-Eleven Slurpee flavors sparks an excellent debate among Slurpee fans about your particular favorites. Instead of obtaining the exact flavor you’ve been receiving for the past five years, and I encourage you to branch out and discover the fantastic Slurpee experiences offered at 7-Eleven all day, every day.

Points To Remember

Here are some essential points that should be remembered:

  • It would help if you also avoided diet Slurpees. They contain fewer calories than regular Slurpees, but some studies indicate that they’re even worse for your health. These flavors are made with aspartame, which is toxic to most people.
  • In addition to being unhealthy, diet Slurpees contain aspartame, which can be harmful to your health. Aspartame is a significant contributor to obesity.
  •  Some studies have shown that diet Slurpees are worse for your health than full-sugar ones. However, it’s important to remember that the diet variety has fewer calories than the original.
  • The diet version of 711 Slurpees contains less than half the regular Slurpees, and its only difference is the amount of aspartame in the flavor.
  • Aspartame has a high-calorie content, but it’s not always the best choice for your health. A diet Slurpee can be as unhealthy as a regular one, so it’s essential to read the nutrition facts on 711 before making your decision.
  • The diet version is also unhealthy. It contains aspartame, which is harmful to many people. It has fewer calories than the full-sugar variety and maybe even worse than regular Slurpees in some cases.
  • A diet Slurpee contains aspartame, a chemical that is toxic to most people. There are also some health risks associated with diet Slurpees.


A diet Slurpee has fewer calories than a regular one. It has more sugar than a regular Slurpee, but it’s not unhealthy. It’s still high in fat and calories to be a healthy choice. When it comes to Slurpee nutrition, these drinks should be chosen carefully. You don’t want to decide based solely on the color of a label. You should also know that the diet version is lower sodium than the regular version.

The diet version of 7 11 Slurpee has less sugar. But it still contains calories, mostly from carbohydrates. Some studies suggest that diet Slurpees are even worse than full-sugar versions. They also contain aspartame, which is toxic for many people. This is a significant downside. So it’s better to stick to regular flavors. They’re lower in calories and fat than the diet version.