Best Apple Recipes for Fall

Peak apple season is in the fall, and if you find yourself with many apples, there are several things you can do with them. You can use Braeburn or Fuji apples in a baked bourbon-apple butter to spread on biscuits or toast, Honeycrisp or Pink Lady apples in an easy roasted merguez sausage sheet pan, and Granny Smith apples in a skillet apple-ginger crisp for dessert. There is an apple recipe for everyone, whether they prefer something sweet or savory.

We think we can all agree that the true joy is getting those crisp apples into the kitchen, even though it’s impossible to top the juicy crunch that comes with biting into an apple directly out of hand. Fall’s favorite fruit has countless uses and can be baked and prepared in various ways. Although traditional foods like apple pie, cake, and crumble are available, that is just the beginning. Apples also work in savory dishes like soups, salads, and sandwiches.

If you enjoy baking, remember that some types are superior to others. The finest apples for baking are crisp, firm Honeycrisps, Granny Smiths, Jonagolds, and Cortlands since they won’t fall apart in the oven and have a balance of sweet-tart flavor.

Here is the List of Ten Best Apple Recipes for Fall

Cookbook Apple Gingerbread Cake

Impress your visitors with this delicious skillet meal, which takes 1 hour to prepare from beginning to end. Serve with vanilla ice cream or sweetened whipped cream. We always ate this gingerbread recipe, which is simple, with warm applesauce. By spreading the apples around the bottom of a cast-iron skillet and then covering them with the gingerbread dough, we transformed it into a one-pan dessert. The gingerbread gets a very thick crust from the skillet: Columbia, South Carolina’s Mary M. Leverette.

Simple Apple Cake

We discovered this traditional quick apple cake that is luscious, rich, and down-home tasty after testing other apple cake recipes with fresh apples. It’s also simple to make, and my family adores it when served warm with whipped cream or a spoonful of frozen custard: Waterville, Ohio, resident Sherry Ashenfelter. You can boast about making this delicious homemade apple cake from scratch while assembling it in just three simple steps. A warm, spicy fall delight made with cinnamon, apples, and walnuts offered with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. In even less time than it takes to prepare, this will become a fall favorite among the family.

Apples Baked with Oatmeal and Brown Sugar Stuffed

When we resort to baked applies if we don’t feel like cooking anything fancy and want a simple, warm dessert to end the evening. Using a spoon, remove the core and fill it with oats, brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The spooned brown sugar melts into a caramel syrup as the baked apples soften into delight. The only addition that could improve this straightforward autumnal dessert would be a serving of ice cream.

Naturally, occasionally add almonds, raisins, or even a dollop of cream cheese or peanut butter as an extra-special treat in addition to the plain oats and brown sugar mixture when you want a simple, warm. For dessert, baked apples are here. It’s Nothing fancy is involved, which makes this dessert just ideal. Just remember to bring the ice cream on the side.

European Apple Tart

The traditional French Apple Tart (Tarte aux Pommes) provides two servings of apples. It starts with a Sweet Pastry Crust (Pate Sucree) that has already been baked and has a deliciously crisp texture and sweet buttery flavor. Apple slices are placed elegantly on a layer of gently sweetened apple sauce. By briefly placing the baked tart under the broiler, you will observe that the edges of the apples have attractively browned (you can also use a handheld propane torch). This French apple tart tastes best when served warm with vanilla ice cream, crème Fraiche, or a dab of softly whipped cream.

Vanilla Ice Cream with Apple Crumbles

Create a wonderful summer dessert, and this apple crumbles ice cream blends the traditional British apple crumble pudding with a creamy vanilla ice cream. Immediately consume it to appreciate it at its crumbliest finest. With a quick and straightforward apple crumble (seen above), you can extend the duration of the grilling season. Granny Smith apples are grilled and caramelised on both sides and added with ice cream, granola, and heated caramel sauce. Would it be fair to state that this dish is almost as good as apple pie?

Apple Pies

Even while we adore regular pies, there is something about small pies that elevates them to a new level. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re precisely sized, or perhaps it’s the fact that they form a straightforward treat you can grab and eat. Or perhaps it’s because you can eat two without feeling as bad. Furthermore, small desserts are superior to regular desserts, let’s face it. Right?

Check out these little apple hand pies. These miniature pies are perfect when you only need a tiny mouthful of something sweet and are served on a stick for an easy grab-and-go snack. You could combine the best of both worlds by using the pie crust to crest with ice cream sandwiches!

Apple Candy S’mores

A candy-dipped apple combined with a favorite campfire food will make people grin at any fall party. And candy can use the Wilton Light Cocoa candy Melts to coat a favorite, fresh apple. Chips can then add marshmallows, graham crackers, and micro chocolate chips.

Apple dipping: Light, melted cocoa candy is dissolved in a big microwave-safe bowl as directed on the packaging. Apples should have bamboo lollipop sticks inserted near the stems. Completely cover apples with melted mild cocoa candy. If necessary, help protect with a spoon. To smooth and get rid of extra candy, tap the side of the bowl.

Dress up apples: Put pieces of graham cracker, marshmallows, and tiny chocolate chips on apples right away. On a cookie sheet coated in parchment paper, arrange the apples. About 10 to 15 minutes of chilling will have it set.

Mini Loaves of Apple and Cranberry

These miniature apple and cranberry loaves are delicious for sharing with friends and neighbors since they are bursting with sweet and tangy tastes. These tiny loaves, a delectable treat for breakfast, dessert, and everything in between, also include a soft pink frosting composed of confectioners’ sugar and cranberry juice.

In our household, these apple cranberry loaves are a holiday staple. It makes a lovely Thanksgiving and Christmas morning breakfast bread and festive. The night before serving, we like to thaw the bread batter we have prepared in advance. You may have freshly baked breakfast bread in the morning by simply popping it in the oven.

Turkey Roasted in Apple and Sage

The main course of a holiday dinner takes on a somewhat sweet twist thanks to a splash of apple flavor. Everyone will be talking about the delicious aroma of your kitchen as this turkey cooks:— Oregon native Suzy Horvath, Milwaukie. Place the sliced turkey in freezer-safe containers and add any cooking juices on top. Cool and solidify. To use, defrost slightly in the fridge the night before. In a covered pan, warm through while stirring gently and, if required, add a bit more broth or water.

Apples & Sweet Potatoes in a Smash

We created a sweet potato dish that can be prepared in advance in a slow cooker to reduce the number of words that need oven time on Thanksgiving. It complements turkey or ham ideally and isn’t overly sweet. Judy Batson of Tampa, Florida, says it is not overly sweet and is the ideal side dish for ham or turkey.

Short recipe: In a 6-qt. Electric pressure cooker, combine the potatoes, apples, and beer. Close the pressure-release valve and lock the lid. Make adjustments for 12 minutes of high-pressure cooking. Allow the pressure to drop naturally. Select “cancel.” Return the pressure cooker to the drain. Add butter, sour cream, and brown sugar. The mixture should mash the potato mixture to the required consistency.

How can you Use Leftover Apples?

Dry them. Along with other dried fruit, apples are favorite snack food.

Blend them. Apple puree can be consumed in many ways, such as in apple pies, crumbles, or simply by itself.

Preserve them. Making cider with your windfalls is one of the most acceptable ways to use them.

Please give them some juice. Cook them.

Can Whole Apples be Frozen?

The quick response is that apples can be frozen whole and practically effortlessly. There is no faster way to get fruit from the orchard to the freezer than to wash it, wrap it in plastic, or place it in Ziploc bags to freeze. Although it could be simple, keep in mind that the finished product will be an apple that is difficult to use.

Which Apples are Inappropriate for Apple Pies?

You shouldn’t use apples like Red Delicious and Gala for apple pies since they can’t sustain high cooking temperatures. The flesh of several modern apple types, including Honeycrisp, breaks apart when you bite into it. However, it’s not the best feature for an apple that will make a good apple pie.

What Method of Apple Preservation Works the Best?

Use your apples as soon as possible after harvest if you plan to make applesauce, apple butter, or dried slices. You should keep apples in a cold, dark place if they need to be stored, and they shouldn’t be wrapped or covered too tightly; a perforated plastic bag, an open paper bag, a basket, or a wooden crate are all suitable options.

What Variety of Apples has the Best Flavor?

Apple types like Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, Fuji, Ambrosia, and Cox’s Orange Pippin are among the best-tasting ones. When plucked at their ripest stage and consumed within a few months of harvest, these cultivars are at their tasty best.

Is Honeycrisp a Suitable Apple for Cooking?

Honeycrisp. This favorite Midwestern apple, one of the sweetest available, is excellent for baking and other uses. It has a recognizable juicy crispness and is sufficiently firm not to cook down much. It enhances the flavor of almost any apple variety to create a fantastic pie.


These mouthwatering apple recipes for fall are a delight for the senses, bursting with all the comforting aromas of the season. You’ll be ready for sweater weather in no time with these quick fall treats, which range from classic apple pie to glazed apple cider doughnuts. We hope this assortment of The Best Apple Recipes for Fall piqued your interest in apples. You will undoubtedly like this adaptable fall fruit no matter how you cook or serve it.