Best Blackstone Griddle Recipes

Looking for flat grill recipes that go beyond pancakes and griddle steak? Check out these delicious griddle recipes you can whip up in no time. Barbecue fans may argue that food tastes better when cooked over an open fire. However, once you’ve honed your grilling skills, you’ll discover that there are numerous Blackstone recipes to die for.

Here are some of the best Blackstone griddle recipes that will improve your grilling skills and transform your outdoor cooking experience. Now, heat your grill and get used to the sizzling sound because these delectable recipes will make the most of it.

Top Recipes for Blackstone Griddle Chicken

Love your chicken breasts, tenders, and legs but want to try something new? These chicken meals will inspire even inexperienced cooks.

Grilled Lemon Oregano Chicken Tenders

Herbal and zesty, these chicken tenders make a light and refreshing meal with simple ingredients. Ideal for summer dinners on your patio.

Allow the chicken to marinate for at least a few hours for extra juiciness. But don’t beat yourself up if you forget or don’t have time.

Simply coating the strips with the flavourings would provide a deep flavour that goes well with almost anything.

Throw some vegetables on the grill alongside the chicken on a busy night, and dinner will be ready before you even set the table.

Grilled Honey Bourbon Chicken Thighs

Sometimes booze makes everything taste better. And these delicious chicken thighs are here to prove it!

Sticky chicken thighs are the perfect get-together food to grill with the people you care about; they’re sweet, salty, and smokey.

If you like spicy food, feel free to double (or triple!) the amount of hot sauce, and it will provide a stronger kick without overpowering the barbecue flavour you seek.

Swap out the bourbon for apple juice for a sweeter, fruitier flavour that the whole family will enjoy.

Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas

Something about quesadillas screams “comfort!”

The crispy crunch, the gooey mouthfeel… All you need is this buffalo chicken to make the ultimate dinner.

The star of this recipe is shredded chicken that has been sweetened with honey, spiced up with hot sauce, and seasoned with smokey saltiness. But don’t be fooled by all those spices. The buffalo chicken is well-seasoned but not spicy, so it is suitable for children.

Use your imagination when it comes to the toppings. Diced onions, sour cream, cilantro, and bell peppers welcome additions to the buffalo cream cheese flavour.

Fried Rice with Blackstone Chicken

Frying rice with eggs and chicken on the Blackstone griddle may appear difficult, but even novices can master this recipe in no time.

The key is drizzling the grill with just the right amount of soy sauce after adding each new ingredient. The rice is fluffy, the chicken is tender, and the eggs and vegetables perfectly complement the dish.

Not a fan of meat? Not a problem! Leave out the chicken and add more vegetables for a nutritious and filling dinner.

Grilled Chicken Tenders

If you prefer Asian cuisine, these marinated chicken tenders will be your go-to option for quick weeknight dinners.

The flavorful punch of staple Chinese ingredients makes this grilled chicken irresistible. Soak the meat in the marinade for at least 30 minutes before grilling.

If you want to spice things up, a couple of minced garlic cloves will add warm intensity to the flavour. Just remember to cook on high heat.

Other Healthy Blackstone Griddle Recipes

We have everything from salmon to pancakes! These delectable meals provide healthier alternatives to traditional recipes, making them some of the best.

Whole Wheat Pancakes

These whole-wheat pancakes are light and healthy, proving that you don’t need sugar to enjoy your favourite breakfast treat.

Yes, even on your Blackstone grill, you can make them big and fluffy!

To get the best flavour, grease the skillet with butter rather than oil. This gives your pancakes a nice coating that adds to their deliciousness.

But use caution when grilling with butter. Your grill should be medium-hot, not hot. Otherwise, the butter will burn, leaving a burnt taste in the pancakes.

Grilled Salmon

Grill some salmon when in doubt! This classic main dish will save you hours in the kitchen and impress your guests.

And it couldn’t be any easier. Season the salmon, preheat your skillet, and grill for about five minutes per side. Dinner is almost ready to be served. Don’t skimp on the sugar in this recipe; it makes all the difference.

With just a half teaspoon of white sugar, you can caramelize the salmon and completely transform the flavour.

Sourdough English Muffins

Have you never made sourdough before? Don’t be concerned! This step-by-step recipe will guide you through the entire process. You will never buy another English muffin after trying these pillowy muffins.

These puffy muffins can be perfectly “baked” on the Blackstone griddle, crispy and golden on the outside and soft on the inside. Just 6-7 minutes per side on the grill, and your favourite new breakfast is ready!

Cut in half, and you’ve got the perfect accompaniment for your butter and jam dollops.


Grilled halloumi should become a barbecue staple, like today! It’s rich but also mellow, with a tangy kick that never disappoints. Slice or cube it, grill it on your griddle until golden brown, drizzle with olive oil, and sprinkle with herbs.

The crispy and gooey exteriors complement each other perfectly, but the most impressive aspect is the deliciously salty flavour. Ideal for salads, skewers, or as a side dish with lean meat or fish.

Keto Johnny Cakes

Who needs classic pancakes when you have these Johnny cakes on the table? These Keto hoecakes, made with almond meal, eggs, and sour cream, taste just like their corn sibling but without all the fattening carbs.

You won’t be able to tell the difference if you top them with butter and Keto-friendly syrup. The Blackstone griddle will give them a nice golden colour and a grilled note for added flavour depth.

Grease the skillet with reserved bacon grease, making them savoury for a better taste and a fatty Keto boost.

Oat Flour Pancakes

If whole-wheat or Keto pancakes don’t appeal to you, this oaty recipe will keep you going in the mornings. Make fluffy banana and oat pancakes on your Blackstone griddle that are soft, flavorful, and simple.

Preheat the oven to medium, spread the butter, and wait for the bubbles to appear before flipping.

Are you feeling festive? Add a handful of chocolate chips to the batter and drizzle maple syrup over the finished product. Not exactly healthy, but some flavours are worth the extra effort.

Savoury Pancakes

Make these savoury pancakes for a quick and easy breakfast! These cheddar and green onion pancakes are nutritious, delicious, completely vegan, and high in fibre and healthy fats.

Pair them with bacon or breakfast sausage for an extra protein boost, and you’ll be full until lunch. These grilled pancakes are extremely adaptable, so feel free to omit the onions and substitute other herbs and vegetables to your liking.

Irish Corned Beef Potato Pancakes

This grilled version is between a potato pancake and a beef patty, with a meaty protein kick and a tender potato flavour. These grilled pancakes are delicious plain, with sour cream, or even with applesauce (yes, you want that sweetness over the corned beef).

Make sure to grease the Blackstone skillet before adding the pancakes thoroughly, and your dinner will be ready in under ten minutes.

This recipe calls for chives, but you can use whatever herbs and spices you want.

Keto Pumpkin Pancakes

Try these pumpkin and coconut pancakes for a low-carb breakfast! They’re not only simple to make and naturally sweet, but they’re also griddle-friendly.

When grilling the pancakes, use coconut oil to give them a Keto boost. Just make sure the temperature does not rise above medium-high. Add some cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice, and we will fill your kitchen with the aromas of October.

Remember that while these pancakes smell like autumn, they taste like heaven!

Grilled Watermelon Salad

Owning a skillet and not grilling at least one watermelon slice should be a crime. You’re in for a treat if you’re looking to make something with fresh fruits. Don’t you like grilled watermelon? So, let this recipe change your mind!

Brush the watermelon with oil, grill for a few minutes on each side until the charred marks appear, and you’re done. Combine with feta cheese cubes, berries, lime slices, and mint. It would help to drizzle the salad with orange juice for added zest.

You can also make a salad dressing with citrus juice, olive oil, and a pinch of salt. Don’t you think it’s almost like summer in a bowl?

Cinnamon French Toast with Griddled Apple Slices

Is it really necessary to introduce French toast? This one, however, does! This grilled cinnamon bread with apples and lemon mascarpone isn’t your average French breakfast.

It’s sweet, tangy, and zesty, with just enough kick to become your new favourite. Grilling the apple slices is essential for the best flavour. The heat will soften the crunchiness, resulting in a softer, more enjoyable bite.

Because the mascarpone is already slightly acidic, any apples you choose – sweet or sour – will be delicious. A tasty treat for anyone!

Savoury Vegetable Pancake with Oats

These pancakes have a healthier twist thanks to the addition of peppers, carrots, cabbage, and coriander. We can grill these oat pancakes perfectly on the Blackstone griddle; make sure the batter is not runny.

Make a large batch of the batter ahead of time for the busy bees. Refrigerate it for up to a week and make healthy pancakes in a flash every morning.

Charred Radicchio Chickpea Salad

This recipe can make a restaurant-quality healthy salad in just 20 minutes. Serve warm, right off the grill, for a restaurant-quality experience.

Remember not to thinly slice the radicchios, as they are the star of the plate. The pieces should be chunky and have a nice bite to them. Top with chopped nuts for an inviting crunch, and finish with an aromatic herb like parsley for a palate cleanser.


These oatcakes can handle almost any filling and topping, whether used as a wrap, crepe, pancake, or simply as a bread substitute. This is a recipe worth saving for those who want to avoid gluten.

What’s more, the best part? These oatcakes are quick to make on your Blackstone griddle. There is no simpler recipe with only two ingredients (and a pinch of salt!).

The key to making them soft and wrappable is to place them immediately after preparation on top of a kitchen towel and keep them covered until cooled.

Ricotta Pancakes

If you enjoy ricotta cakes, you’ll love these pancakes from the first bite. Ricotta pancakes are the ultimate breakfast option and pair perfectly with coffee and tea.

Add a generous butter dollop on top and smother them in syrup, and who can resist?

If you’re a fan of all things citrusy, leave out the vanilla in the recipe and replace it with lemon juice and zest instead.

Grilling them in butter is recommended. Make sure the grill isn’t too hot, or it will burn.

How should you Season a Blackstone Griddle?

As previously stated, season your skillet with oil so your food does not stick to the grilling surface. Preheat your previously cleaned flat-top for about 10-15 minutes, or until it reaches the maximum temperature.

When you notice a colour change, dab the grill with oil. Using paper towels, gently spread the oil into a thin, even layer.

  • Relight the grill and let it burn for 30 minutes.
  • Allow cooling slightly before repeating.
  • 3-4 more rounds will result in a dark, nonstick surface on your grill.
  • Finish with another thin layer of cooking oil, and you’re done.

Which is Healthier: Griddle or Grill?

The truth is that both griddles and grills provide a healthy cooking method.

When using a grill, be careful not to cook directly over an open flame, as this may cause unwanted chemicals to be released from the meat. Grills, however, can allow excess oil and juices from the food to drip off through the grates, which grills do not.

Is there a gun to my head? Griddles are healthier, in my opinion, simply because they are easier to maintain. There will be no health concerns if you use a small amount of oil and clean your grill regularly.

What should you Cook on a Blackstone Griddle?

For a delicious start to the day, fry up some bacon and eggs and griddle up some pancakes. For lunch, grill sandwiches, kabobs, or a world-famous smash burger. For quick and easy meals, place a thick-cut steak, seasoned chicken breast, or fillet of fish on the grill.


Cook anything, anytime, anywhere with the Blackstone Griddle! The Blackstone griddle is similar to a piece of magical equipment, and it allows you to experiment with your culinary skills and create something extraordinary.

We’ve presented some of the best Blackstone griddle recipes that are amazing delicacies you should know about. All of these recipes are simple and worth a try.

After reading this article, you might be surprised by the cuisines you can cook on the Blackstone griddle. Have fun cooking!