Best Meat Recipes

Have you spent hours planning your dinner to get stuck on the main or side dishes? Planning a full-fledged meal can take time, especially if you’re a busy parent or college student. There’s no need to order something from the takeout menu! We’ve compiled a list of delectable dinner meat recipes to help you spend less time planning and more time cooking.

For a variety of options, these recipes include beef, chicken, and turkey.

Each delicious dinner will have your family appealing for seconds. Try the following and let us know what you think!

The Best Meat Recipes

Garlic Butter Steak Bites

Garlic butter seasoning enhances the flavor of any dish! Tell me about a dish that used this combination that was delicious. These herby steak bites will satisfy your tastebuds and have your friends requesting the recipe!

This dish, of course, contains black pepper, garlic, and parsley. Did you, on the other hand, anticipate the use of Italian seasoning? It’s the secret ingredient that elevates the steak. If you don’t like it, substitute your favorite spice blend.

Skillet Bourbon Steak Recipe

How much do you enjoy one-pot meals? They’re incredibly simple to prepare and clean up afterward. These steak slices deliver the ultimate flavor combination of smokey bourbon and spicy Dijon for a knockout dinner.

The unexpected food item included is soy sauce, which adds umami flavor to the dish. If you run out of soy sauce, you can substitute liquid aminos, and the flavor is similar but a little more subtle.

The Best Swedish Meatballs

Have you ever wanted to make Swedish meatballs home after having them at your grandmother’s? Use this recipe to make mouthwatering meatballs. This appetizer is so delicious that it will impress your grandmother!

You might be surprised to learn that nutmeg is used to season these meatballs, adding a nutty and complex flavor. To achieve a similar flavor, substitute mace.

Chicken Cilantro Lime Paleo

It cannot be easy to stick to a paleo diet! Here’s one of the most delicious (meat-based) dinner ideas to keep you on track. Lime juice counteracts the freshness of the cilantro, resulting in a delicious protein dish.

Given the recipe’s name, lime is probably not a surprise ingredient. If you prefer a slightly sweeter flavor, substitute lemon juice.

Tip: Chop some extra cilantro and set it aside to garnish the cooked chicken.

Chicken Souvlaki Recipe

Have you ever had chicken souvlaki? It’s a traditional Greek dish served by street vendors, and it looks like chicken kabobs but has a slightly different flavoring.

White vinegar adds a surprising tang to this dish. You can substitute apple cider vinegar for white vinegar for a slightly sweeter flavor and leave out the vinegar for a less acidic dish. For a complete meal, serve chicken souvlaki with warm pita bread.

Easy Salisbury Steak

The majority of people first encountered Salisbury steak at school during lunchtime. This recipe will bring back those memories while providing a delicious, saucy dish.

Surprisingly, the delicious sauce that coats this steak is made from a brown gravy mix. Try using turkey gravy mix to spice up the dish even more. Serve the cooked steaks with mashed potatoes or rice to soak up the saucy goodness.

The Ultimate Meatloaf Recipe

Try this meatloaf recipe if you’re looking for new meat dishes! Even if you have a favorite meatloaf recipe, this version will be a new experience. The milk mixed in with the meat contributes to the deliciousness of this meatloaf, and it keeps the beef juicy while cooking and counteracts the dryness of the breadcrumbs. To keep this dish dairy-free, use your favorite beef stock.

Tip: Do not add raw onions because they will burn in the oven. First, sauté them.

Chicken with Parmesan Crusted

Are you sick of making the same chicken recipes over and over? This new spin on chicken results in a cheesy, crusty, and irresistible dish. Black pepper, surprise, adds a nice kick to this dish. You can up the heat by replacing the black pepper with a pinch of cayenne.

The best part about this chicken dinner is that it goes well with various sides. Try it with pasta or risotto, or with bread to make sandwiches!

Easy, Healthy Lemon Baked Chicken

Sometimes you want a healthier dinner option. With less oil, this lemony baked chicken tastes like homemade lemon piccata, and it goes well with noodles and is suitable for any day of the week.

Honey is an unexpected ingredient that helps cut the tang of the lemon juice in the sauce. Instead, you can use real maple syrup or a small amount of sugar. As an aromatic garnish, use fresh herbs from your garden.

Barbacoa Beef in the Instant Pot

You have eaten barbacoa beef tacos in the past. Use this delicious instant pot recipe to make your own. Serve with tortillas. Juicy meat is perfectly seasoned and dripping with adobo sauce.

If you’re unfamiliar with Mexican cuisine, you might not realize spicy chiles are used to flavor this dish. If you don’t like it spicy, use a milder pepper, such as jalapeos, which will help balance out the spice in the dish.

Beef and Broccoli Recipe

Beef and broccoli are a match made in heaven. It’s a delicious dish and one of the best meat recipes for dinner. You’ll have a saucy meat and broccoli dish ready in no time with this recipe!

This recipe’s unexpected ingredient is cornstarch, which aids in thickening that delicious sauce. If you’ve run out, use the same amount of flour instead. If your sauce isn’t thickening, add a tablespoon of cornstarch or flour and continue to cook.

Cream Sauced Chicken Meatballs

So you’ve tried the Swedish meatballs and are ready for a change. Check out this Tefteli chicken meatball recipe for the creamiest sauce ever. Pan-fried meatballs are simmered in a thick, decadent sauce before serving.

You might be surprised to learn that the meatballs require cooked white rice. Of course, you can substitute breadcrumbs for this. The flavor and consistency will differ slightly, but the dish will be equally delicious.

Beef Stroganoff at its Finest

We don’t know about you, but beef stroganoff is one of our favorite dishes. The creamy, mushroom-filled sauce combined with pan-seared steak elevates any pasta dish! For an even more decadent dish, serve it over mashed potatoes.

How does the sauce get so thick and creamy? The recipe includes Crème Fraiche, which complements the beef perfectly. You can make a healthier version by substituting sour cream or Greek yogurt.

Short Ribs Braised

Pioneer Woman recipes never disappoint! This recipe calls for braised short ribs in a red wine sauce to produce the most tender meat you’ve ever tasted. While the cooking time is two hours, the prep time is only 20 minutes, making it an ideal weekend meal. Surprisingly, shallots contribute sweetness and flavor to this recipe. Depending on where you live, they can be difficult to find at the store. For a similar flavor, substitute yellow onions.

Orange Chicken in the Instant Pot

Yummy yummy! You’ll want to save this recipe when you’re craving comfort food. This recipe makes crunchy, sweet, breaded orange chicken in under an hour.

Orange juice is the surprise (or not-so-surprise) ingredient. Do you forget to bring a jug with you when you go shopping? Instead, use freshly squeezed orange juice.

When the sauce is finished cooking, the sugar makes it extra hot. Allow it to cool for a few minutes before serving to avoid a burned tongue.

Million Dollar Casserole

Have you been eating the same pasta and marinara dish every week? Instead, try this spaghetti casserole.

With its rich, cheesy sauce, it falls somewhere between mac and cheese and spaghetti.

The addition of cottage cheese enhances this dish’s cheesiness. The unexpected food item gives the recipe a boost of flavor, and we can substitute ricotta cheese for a similar creamy flavor.

You’ll never go back to regular spaghetti after having this dish!

Oven-Baked Beef Brisket

Who can say no to homemade beef brisket? This recipe includes a homemade rub, sauce, and fall-off-the-bone meat. Because it’s that good, you’ll want to make extra to freeze for later.

The unexpected spice in the rub is paprika, which adds a nice sweetness to the mix. For a smokey flavor, substitute smoked paprika.

Tip: Add the sauce last, so it doesn’t burn; this helps to make the best brisket.

Easy Homemade Beef Stew

Beef stew may appear to be a simple dish, but it is one of the most delicious and always hits the spot! It’s also great for keeping you warm and your stomach full-on cold nights.

Fresh thyme is added as a garnish to make the dish stand out. You can substitute rosemary if you have other herbs growing in your garden, and it will add flavor and aroma to an otherwise bland dish.

Garlic Butter Herb Sauce for Baked Turkey Meatballs

Another meatball dish, we’re sure you’re thinking. I’m here to tell you that there is no such thing as too many meatball recipes.

This delectable dinner features perfectly cooked turkey meatballs soaked in a delectable garlic butter herb sauce.

This one’s secret ingredient is hot sauce, specifical sriracha. It gives the meatballs a spring in their step. To adjust the level of heat, substitute your favorite hot sauce.

Pepper Steak Fry Recipe

This pepper steak fry recipe combines vegetables and steak in a sweet, salty, spicy sauce.

It’s one of my favorite weeknight meat and vegetable meals. It’s also simple to portion if you’re looking for a recipe we can use for multiple lunches.

What is the unusual ingredient in this recipe? That would be the brown sugar we would use to add sweetness. In a pinch, honey or even white sugar will suffice.

Pie with Chunky Beef and Mushrooms

Puff pastry, mushrooms, beef, vegetables, herbs, and Please, yes!

This delectable recipe combines beef stew and pot pie for an unforgettable dinner.

This recipe benefits from the texture and earthy flavor of Swiss brown mushrooms.

If you don’t like the flavor, you can substitute the mushrooms you have on hand. For added meatiness, try adding slices of portobello mushrooms.

Beef Bourguinon

If you’ve seen the Julia Child film Julie & Julia, you’ll recognize this recipe immediately! This new take on the French classic eliminates a few steps, allowing you to enjoy this decadent meal even faster.

To make this famous dish, you’ll need to add flavor with beef bouillon. If necessary, replace it with beef stock or chicken bouillon.

If you want a stronger beef flavor, use less wine.

Easy Crispy Mongolian Beef Recipe

Looking for a healthier version of your favorite Chinese dish that is also homemade?

Try this recipe for Mongolian beef. The outside is extra crispy and drenched in a sticky, sweet, and spicy sauce.

As a surprise seasoning component, hoisin sauce is added. Oyster sauce, which we can find in the Asian section of the grocery store, is a tasty substitute. It will give the dish a slightly fishy flavor, but it will suffice in a pinch.

Garlic Butter Steak and Potatoes

Still, looking for delectable dinner suggestions? Why not try this restaurant-quality dish? From start to finish, the recipe takes only 15 minutes and yields a succulent herby steak dish.

The red chili pepper flakes are the dish’s secret ingredient, providing just the right amount of heat without overpowering.

As an alternative, use a sprinkle of chili powder (any will do).

Tip: If you overcook the beef, it will become dry.

Ground Beef Gnocchi

Gnocchi is an oval-shaped pasta that is usually filled with potatoes. These delicious potato bites are topped with rich tomato sauce and ground beef pieces. Even your pickiest eaters will devour this recipe!

The tomato sauce is made with canned tomatoes (and their juice!). Make the dish your own by substituting canned roasted tomatoes. You’ll get a nice smokey flavor that goes well with pasta and beef.

How do I Purchase Steak?

Look for recommendations from friends and family and local review websites. Find a good butcher and explain your requirements. Explain your budget, preferences, and the number of people you’re feeding so your butcher can use his experience to get you the best steak possible based on your criteria.

How should I Cook a Steak?

Allow 30 minutes or more for most steaks to come to room temperature. If you cook a steak straight from the fridge, the oil temperature will drop, resulting in a miserable, grey steak with no Maillard reaction.

What Exactly is Rib-Eye Steak?

Rib-Eye Steak (also known as Scotch Fillet, entrecote, or spencer steak) is a beef cut from the rib section. The rib section extends from the sixth to the twelfth rib. The Rib Eye is primarily composed of the longissimus Dorsi and spinal and complexus muscles.

Is Wagyu Beef as Good as it Sounds?

There is some hype involved, as with most things, and not all Wagyu is the same. There are two types of Wagyu: pure-bred and cross-bred.

Then there are the various marbling scales to consider before delving into the Japanese Wagyu vs. Other Wagyu debate. As we’ve said before, it all comes down to personal preference, but you should try Wagyu at some point in your life; it’s incredible.


Is your carnivorous side calling? Go ahead and respond. We’ve got you covered with these simple, high-protein meat recipes. This list has it all, whether you want crispy chicken, tender steak, or aromatic lamb.

The authentic and aromatic flavor of these meat recipes will drive you insane. So pick your favorite and enjoy your daily meal. Happy cooking!